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Sports Bras and their Best Traits

Did you know that there are specific things to look for when shopping for a Sports Bra? This article will shed some light on the things that make Sports Bras great.

First things first, you have to understand that they are different types of Sports Bras for different types of workouts. Therefore, the more intense your workout is, the more support you will definitely need. These categories make it easier for you to shop, because it then depends on what type of workout you are planning to do.


This has to be the most important thing when buying a Sports Bra. As said before, depending on the type of workout you may need more support. This is to reduce the bounce of the ‘girls’. Did you know that breasts can bounce up to 20cm? Now that may sound ridiculous but think about when you have to do those horrid jumping jacks without a Sport Bra?! Check out this post by Debbie Risius on the science behind it.

Compression is very important to reduce bounce. If you have a large bust line, you may be like me and avoid exercise because of it. Sometimes it’s painful and not everyone understands the discomfort you are in just to keep fit. The key to that is all in the Bra. Other than support, what else should you be looking for?


Goodness, I cannot imagine working out and in pain because my shoulder and back straps are too tight. Now we know that Sports Bras must compress the ‘girls’, but it shouldn’t hurt. Having a snugger fit than your regular bra is always recommended, especially as you are only wearing it for the short time of exercise. Unless of course you are wearing a low impact Sports Bra that isn’t as snug and a little more light-weight for ease of wear. For fit, know your regular bra size and work your way up in cup or back size from there. Comfort, comfort, comfort!

Wire or No Wire

Dependent on your comfort level and your size, you can choose your preference. Large ‘girls’ should have extra support and I recommend an Underwired Sports Bra to reduce bounce. Encapsulated Sports Bras are even better, as they separate each ‘girl’ and give them some space to breathe. Even though that is true, it really is to compress each breast and reduce bounce even further.

To my DDD+ ladies, make sure your shoulder and back straps are adjustable. Shoulder straps should be wide and padded to carry the weight of your breasts and the back strap to suit your comfort level. Bra Stretch is a real thing ladies, check this previous post!

Now I see some really good Sports Bras out there, but they can be quite costly if you ask me. However, in order to keep in shape, purchasing a Sports Bra should be considered an investment. If you have a smaller bust, then you have a wide selection of Sports Bras to choose from at reasonable costs. You can purchase all three (3) types of Sports Bras (low, medium, or high impact).

But if you fall into the DD+ category like me, then the purchase of a High impact Sports Bra is the way to go. They can be quite expensive, I know, but I (being honest) only bought one for now. Until I can purchase another, the high impact Sports Bra can do every type of workout.

Let’s not hide from keeping in shape anymore for lack of knowledge ladies. Go get your fit on!




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