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5 Best Exercises for Natural Breast Lift

Now Ladies, this is a topic we shy away from. I know you don’t want to think about our ‘girls’ heading south for any amount of time. But we have to face reality, gravity is real.

You shouldn’t be scared, it is the way of life, however, looking at some ways to naturally lift your breasts may help to slow down the process.

Let us first look at what causes sagging, which called Ptosis.


Isn’t this obvious? As you age, you lose the elasticity in your skin. Don’t forget breast tissue is made up of fat, not muscle.

Bad Posture

if you slouch or walk with a hunched back, then expect gravity to assist with sagging. The pull affects the muscle sitting on your chest wall, behind your breast tissue, called Cooper’s Ligament. So chest up now!


After you give birth and feed naturally expect breast sag. But it isn’t just feeding that causes this issue. Breasts go through so many changes during and after pregnancy. Have a look at this article, and it will help you to understand so much more.

Weight loss and Weight gain

Weight causes the fat cells to expand or detract and the skin can loosen and stretch causing sag.

But how can we slow down this process?

Exercise is the best way to strengthen the Cooper’s Ligament. Strengthen that muscle and you strengthen the ‘girls’. So what exercises are best?

Push Ups

Begin in a plank position on your hands and make sure your but and hips are not dipping below your shoulder line. Lower yourself to the ground by bending your elbows outward at an angle. Hover over the ground and push back up again. (Alternatively, I struggle with push ups on the floor, so I do them against a wall. The same technique still applies.)

Chest Fly

Lie on your back with your arms stretched flat on the floor on either side of you. Bring both arms up and touch them over you head and squeeze your chest muscles. You can also do this exercise standing up if you choose. Just bring your arms directly in front of you.

Lateral Raises

In a standing position, with your knees slightly bent, raise your arms outwards up to shoulder height. Slowly lower them to your sides and repeat.

Triceps Dips

Placing your hands behind you on a chair or stool, lower yourself in line with your shoulder. Depending on how difficult you want to make it for yourself, you can have your feet stretched straight in front of you or have your knees bent.

Shoulder Press

Keeping your back erect, whether sitting or standing, start with your elbows bent at shoulder height. Lift arms over your head and bring them back down to shoulder height.

These exercises are done better with any size weight you choose. If you don’t have any weights, just use water bottles as they have the same effect. Don’t forget these exercises also help you to strengthen the Trapize muscles (from the previous post) in the back, which help to support our breasts as well.

Here is a short 10 minute home workout video you can do with Lily, which gives you a few other exercises to help strengthen the chest muscles and naturally lift those ‘girls’.

It’s always a good day to exercise! See ya!



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