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Bra Markings are so Real…..

Do your bras leave marks on your skin after a long day? Or is it more serious than that and you have some dark marks? In this post, we will look at the causes and what you can do to alleviate those problems.


Are red marks your tattoo after a long day in a bra? Do the areas actually hurt for a bit after you remove your bra? Well, I’m thinking that your bra is too tight! If you are wearing the correct bra size, then those marks won’t be left on your skin. Maybe you have too small a band size or a cup size and that is causing your marks and indentations. Take a proper measurement to know your correct size by checking out a previous post. Make sure your bra is comfortable enough for all day wear, if not your skin will not like you after a while.


If you have sensitive skin, underwire bras can be a nightmare! Some people say to mix it up and wear wireless bras in between to avoid the chaffing that underwire can cause. But what if you have a larger bustline? Can you get away with going wireless? Are there any bras out there that can give you the support you need? For me, there aren’t enough of those types of bras to give us a break from underwire. Maybe switch up the type of underwired bra you wear everyday, giving your skin relief from specific pressure points. Or, in my opinion, the best way, is not to wear a bra at all, on those lazy days of course!


This topic can lead to marks being left on your body as well. Hyper-pigmentation is when conditions cause the skin to darken in areas. You can read up on the different types of hyper-pigmentation from

Hormones can cause some other issues that in turn bring on the above issues. For instance, your hormones increase due to your menstral cycle and maybe your breasts slightly increase in size during that time. Your regular bra may get a bit tight at this point, so be mindful of the marks you may see. Sweating under the bust, along with the underwire, can cause some pretty nasty dark marks over time. Hormones can cause undue or increased sweating and that is where the problem lies.


Some natural at home remedies may include:

  • Lemon infused Brown sugar scrub– one part lemon juice, one part brown sugar, gently rub on the skin and wash off.
  • Oils such as carrot seed, tea tree, lavender, rose hip, sandalwood or bergamot (sweet lemon)- the use of these essential oils with a carrier oil like sunflower or olive oil, can help reduce dark marks. Massage into the areas necessary to lighten them.

Another product I found that works well especially for ladies with a larger bust line is Ammens Powder. Applying a small amount of Ammens Powder before you put on your bra, can drastically reduce the dark marks under your breasts. You can find this powder at your local pharmacy.

If you can’t wait for these products to work over time, then you can try getting a safe chemical peel from a Dermatologist if that suits you.


I hope you understand what causes those annoying marks and I trust you to make the best decision for you and your ‘girls’. See you tomorrow!





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