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Minimiser Bras for Large Breasts

For a lady who has had large breasts all her life, having been told that a Minimiser bra is the best one for me is so exhausting. I mean why can’t I have a T-shirt or Balconette bra (more on those types later)? I want to take you on a journey with me, to let you know why persons said that to me!

What is a Minimiser Bra anyway?

Just what the name suggest gals, it minimises or reduces the look of the ‘girls’. Ladies who want to reduce the appearance of breasts should definitely be looking into a bra such as this.

But How Do Minimizer Bras work?

This is a great question that research led me to answer. Minimisers are suppose to compress the bust to the chest. There is a redistribution of the breasts tissue in the cups to reduce forward projection. Now compress the breasts?

We spoke about compression a bit in the Sports Bras and their Best traits, but we can understand that it would be worn for a short time. Most persons say a Minimizer is for all day everyday wear, if you want it to. I will be honest with you, the appeal of having my larger bust line look smaller is great, but I am still on the fence about the compression. BravaLingerie, out of Australia gives you a bit of insight on this matter.

Listen ladies, the whole “redistribution of breast tissue’ took me a while to adjust to. I mean it all sounds a bit awkward. But comfort plays a huge role in this. When you take a look at the Minimizer bra, it flattens the breasts and pushes them closer to the armpit area. This is how it reduces the forward projection, by making the bust line wider.

Positive and Negative

For you with larger breasts, I know the negativity surrounding this bra is increasing. But let’s not lose hope as yet. Comfort is tantamount for bra wearing and if the shape of the cup is not too wide and it is comfortable, should we not give it a try? Wacoal has a new one out called Back Appeal.

If you have a small bust line, you can consider a minimiser bra as well, just because most of them are full coverage and are quite streamlined to give you a very smooth finish under any type of clothing. It can even become your daily bra. Just be careful with the comfort, if anything I suggest wireless minimisers.

If you have given Minimiser bras a go and they are your favorite, then you know the Positives are

  • full coverage
  • wider straps
  • reduced appearance of bust size (up to 1 ½ inches, like wow!)

My one negative is that compression of breast tissue over a length of time. I ask myself if it will alter the natural shape of the ‘girls’ over time? And because of this, I do not wear a minimiser bras for my everyday daily activities, no matter how comfortable. I give myself a break from that ‘distribution’, that’s my way.

Minimiser Bras are great for anyone looking to reduce the appearance of Breasts , that instant non surgical Breast reduction, and I applaud its purpose.

Let me know by way of email how you feel about Minimiser bras. I look forward to hearing from you!




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