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Great Qualities of the Lounge Bra

Hey Ladies! Persons have referred to Lounge Bras as Sleep Bras and well to be honest, it’s because you can do anything in a Lounge Bra!

But I wanted us to check out the Lounge Bras of today and see all the benefits to getting a couple of them. Back when the pandemic was in full swing, you probably were thinking of having a lounge bra to do just that “lounge”. I certainly was. Given that I have a larger bust line, it was becoming more and more of an essential part of my wardrobe.

Woman on bedWhy a Lounge Bra?

A lounge bra is that bra that gives you the option between wearing a bra or not. They are so durable and lightweight, it is easy to see why women love them. Add to that, the comfort of doing any of your daily activities or even running errands in it, is a good sign for purchase. Pregnant or women who have just had surgery, can use these bras to help with their discomfort.

What’s the Difference?

Some persons actually purchase a Sports Bra or Bralette as their everyday Lounge Bra. But there are a few differences to consider when buying them for daily activities.

  • Depending on the type of sporting activity you do, purchasing a Sports Bra to suit, is essential. Sports Bras are suppose to offer compression to reduce the bounce of the ‘girls’ but having your breasts compressed to your chest all day is not ideal. If you need more details on the Sports Bra, click here.
  • Bralettes are more of a decorative bra and are made to be seen. This bra is also has some very intricate designs and not structured to offer much support, especially for the larger bust lines. Thin straps and very little seam lines that don’t offer support, won’t lend well for all day activities. Ladies who don’t need that support will be fine, of course!

With Lounge Bras, you want them to offer some sort of support for everyday chores or even running to the supermarket. So what are the qualities to look for in a Lounge Bra?


  1. Comfort– Since these bras are made for us to do all day activities in, having good comfortable fabric will ensure this. Materials that stretch and move with you is good, but also having it lightweight and breathable. Fabrics such as stretch cotton and microfiber are great options.
  2. Wider Straps– Both the shoulder and back straps should be nice and wide to offer support where needed. Having these straps made out of the same soft fabric of the entire bra, with adjustable hooks and pulls, still lend extra support where needed. This tip is most important for bigger ‘girls’ to compensate for the next quality.
  3. Separate Bra cups and Seaming– Now ladies, having the ‘girls’ separated will make the day a whole lot better. Allowing the ‘girls’ to breathe and to reduce sweating, will make up for the lack of underwire as well. This is where seaming comes in. A Lounge Bra should be wireless for maximum comfort. However, there are some that have small underwires built in if you have a fuller bust. If you are going wireless, make sure you have some seaming to add a bit more support for your comfort.

woman loungingA Lounge Bra has to be a great addition for the simple fact of having something if you don’t want to go bra-less. You can find the Lounge bra that is made for you, given your preferences and style. Just make sure to look out for those key qualities and you will have the best Lounge days ever!

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