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First Bras for Little Girls

Can you remember the age you got your first bra? I was eight years old! Some may say that is a bit early, but it was the way it went. It may be a little scary for you, as your little girl is growing up, but how she feels is the most important.

Puberty is the first sign to show various changes in your little one’s life and such you should be prepared to handle it. When a girl starts to develop some tissue under her nipples, called “breast buds”, this is a sure sign that she has started puberty. Your little angel can start to go through puberty between the ages of 8 and 13 years old. If you need to find out more about Puberty, check out


Training bras are essentially barriers between new breasts and clothing. They don’t offer any support at this stage, as they are a protective layer. But what are those signs that let you know it’s time to have that ‘talk’ about bras?

  • Breast Buds when they are really showing up under their favourite t-shirts
  • Her friends have breasts and start to wear bras
  • She is very conscious of her breast buds
  • She actually has slight ‘growing’ pains in the breast area.

If you have come across any of those signs, it may be high time you started to talk to her about it and looking at training bras in your local beauty store or online. Always remember, not all girls are ready for that big moment in their lives, and some are! The puberty stage not only has a lot of physical changes happening, but a lot of emotional ones too. Just be gentle and caring and don’t push anything they may not need at this point.

What to look for in a Training Bra?Girl dancing

Well, in the past, persons have simply gotten Sports Bras to stop the breast buds from drawing attention to the child’s chest area. Training bras were not built for support, however, this is based on your girl’s bust size and what type of activities she may be involved in. If she is into sports or dance, ensure that it is a light weight one, to offer minimal compression.


Now this is tricky I think. As stated earlier, some girls are more ready than others for training bras and that means they may want to feel more like a woman at this stage. The trick is finding the balance for both of you. Your little girl isn’t so little anymore, but you don’t want her to grow up too fast. On the other hand, some girls in her class may already be wearing regular woman sized bras and they may just want to fit in a bit more with that crowd. Just find the right balance to suits both of you.

Different styles

Training BraPurchasing different style Training bras is a nice way to accommodate your girl’s physical and emotional changes. Some days less structure is needed in a training bra due to the mood they may be in. Having a variety of different styles helps her to feel a whole lot better about starting her day.

This change of life is not easy for any parent, I can assure you. If you are finding it difficult to talk about her changes, then browsing Training bras together online maybe a great place to start. Marks & Spencer has an entire page of varying styles for her to choose from. 

Just remember this is a journey you both have to take together, so be kind to her and yourself along the way. See ya!

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