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Pros & Cons of Underwire Bras

This topic is always of great contention simply because everyone has their preferences. But is there a right or wrong for either of them? Or is it just a matter of taste? Let’s see.

Wire Bending

Underwire bras have a plastic or metal wire sitting in the bottom of each bra cup to hold shape and lending extra support to the back band. For ladies with large breasts, these underwires can be a savior for us. Check out the pros of an Underwire Bra:

  • Extra support to the back band. We all know that majority of support for a bra comes from the back band. That is why it is so important when you get measured, to pay close attention to this. See my previous post It’s Measuring Time, to fully understand this. The Underwire helps with this.
  • Lift. Now you are probably wondering how, but think about it. In the bra, the covered underwire, sits against our ribcage comfortably, allowing for air to pass freely. Your breasts are then lifted away from your body and sit firmly in the bra cups. Of course how much lift you can achieve hinges on your shoulder straps.
  • Separation. Having a bra lift and separate each ‘girl’ does wonders for confidence. Just imagine no separation and the ‘girls’ are very smushed together in a sweat party, having absolutely no fun. Not cool…literally!
  • Security. You are probably saying “huh?” Well, if you are like me and have big breasts, this is a major factor when it comes to bras. Having the underwire against my chest with the back band and shoulder straps working together, make me feel very secure.

These are the major Pros that I have found with an underwire bra. However, there are a few cons as well.

  • Those pesky metal or plastic wires can break through the fabric and poke you in the armpit or between your breasts. This is just some nasty business that happens depending on how often you wear that particular bra. If you have enough bras in rotation, you are less likely to have this happen.
  • Not Barely There at all. The feeling of not wearing a bra isn’t achieved with an Underwire Bra. Here are the Best Wireless Bras that offer the most support.
  • You would always remember you are wearing a bra as it does rub against your chest wall. This can lead to my next con.
  • Marks and Chaffing. Having the covered underwire rub under your breasts for an extended period of time can cause dark marks to appear. A lot of this comes with wearing the same type of underwired bra for a bit along with sweating, leads to this unfortunate situation. Have a look at my previous post Bra Markings are so Real to help combat these issues.

Underwire bras may be a staple in your drawer like me, it’s my particular preference for the pros of course. Just be mindful of the cons, and rotate your bras to avoid them as much as possible. See you next time!

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