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It’s the Best Time to Measure!

Ever wondered why most women wear the incorrect bra? Well that’s because they don’t know their correct bra size. But how can you know your correct size without a professional fitter? With so many charts out there, how do I know I got it right?

Those questions really need some answers, don’t you think?

Firstly, let us understand that sizing is different across the world. If you see an international bra size chart, it shows all the different comparisons of bras across the world, from Japan and Australia to Europe, UK and the USA. Using a reputable one from is a great place to start.

Even though women may find this task tedious, it is quite necessary to having the right bra. You may hear some persons say ‘measure without a bra’, but let us admit, fighting the ‘girls’ while using a tape measure is something we don’t need in our lives right now! So let’s start with a bra that is comfortable and has the ‘girls’ sitting nice and high (perky). Remember not to wear a padded bra when measuring. The tools you will need are:- a tape measure, a paper and a pencil, oh and google (don’t forget google!).

Step 1: Band Size

To get started, take the tape measure and wrap it around your chest and back, making sure it’s just under your breasts. A tip is to keep the tape measure horizontal all the way around, no dips. Take that measurement down.

Step 2: Bust Size.

I will try to make this section as easy as possible. So, take the tape measure and put around the middle of upper back, bringing it around to the fullest part of your breasts (right in the middle of your bust). Take that measurement down.

Step 3: Maths & Conversions.

At this point, you will subtract your band size from your bust size. That number may seem a bit isolated but this is where Google comes in. Ask Google for a Bra Size conversion chart. Based on your magic number, that will dictate your Cup size.

For example: Bust size (40 in) Band size (35 in) = 5 in. According to a reputable International conversion chart, that Cup size is DD. Something to note: if your band size is an odd number, you either round up or down depending on your comfort level. I prefer a snug fit and I round down from 33 in to 32 in.

After you have found your Bra size, based on the part of the world you are, comparison of sizes can be done then. For instance, if you were shopping online, you will always be able to find your correct size. However, the brand of bra will still be a bit of trial and error. It is always a good thing to read reviews before purchase.

Don’t forget to make sure you are comfortable with your measurements and compare them to what you already have. Keeping our frustrations down when it comes to finding the correct bra, is achievable once we are armed with the knowledge to make that happen! Trial and error is good but accuracy is better. See you at the next post!



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