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Bra Shopping Online….Nightmare?!

With the onset of the global pandemic, shopping online for just about everything has become second nature to us. But is shopping online for a bra a good thing? I mean all of the variables and moving parts in general with bra shopping can be a nightmare. However, having a bit of knowledge is always the best way to approach everything. So let’s see how you can go about purchasing the correct bra for you online.

Number 1: Knowing your measurements

I can assure you this is a very good way to start! If you don’t know how to measure yourself, just take a look at my previous post, ‘It’s the best time to Measure’. All of the information is there for you! Having an international size chart handy is another good suggestion. What if you usually purchase US brands but are now looking into UK brands? Knowing your conversion size is quite important to shopping for a bra. You can use a great reputable sizing chart from, just click here when you are ready to shop.

Number 2: What type of Bra are you looking for?

This is where things can start to get a little tricky. There are so many types of bras out there, just choosing one type may seem a bit much. T-shirt, Balcony, Push- up, Minimiser, Full coverage, etc are all quite popular and can also look quite similar. I will be writing articles on each type of bra, giving you the pros and cons of each, at a later date.

Are you looking for a day- to- day bra, like for work or everyday activities? Then a Balcony or a good T-shirt bra are great options for ladies with smaller ‘girls’. However, if you are a bit fuller, then a Minimiser or Full Coverage may just be what you are looking for. Don’t forget to keep the type of material in mind. Spandex and Nylon aren’t the best for everyday wear, you should try a material that is a bit more breathable.

Number 3: Review, Review, Review!

Reviews from actual customers is so appropriate to purchasing a bra online. I like to read everything I can on the particular bra I want, paying close attention to those reviews. An actual customer can tell you if the bra cup runs small or if the band is too tight. When looking at reviews, pay attention to the measurements from the customer. Their bra size may be the same as yours and you can gauge based on what you like in a bra, if that one is right for you.

Taking a good look at the photos from all angles has some merit as well. Where the bra cup sits on the torso, how wide or supportive the straps are and how many closures the band has and where it sits in the back, all things to look for when shopping online. Having someone tell you how the bra fits is a great way for you to gauge how it really does.

After all of that information, buying a bra online shouldn’t be such a nightmare anymore. Just make sure to follow those key steps and you will find the right bra for you! See you next time!


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