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“Good” Bras and Large Breasts

Are you someone who has had to deal with having large breasts all your life? Then you know the struggle when it comes to finding a “good bra”. Breaking down the challenges of finding that right bra for you can be daunting, but what are we looking for?

What are “Good” Bras?

Well, in all fairness, any bra that fits us to perfection, like not having to put the ‘girls’ back in the bra constantly, or having them ‘swinging’ or moving all over the place while we do simple tasks. It’s an absolute relief when you find a bra that sets you up for the entire day without any hassle or simply makes us forget that we are even wearing one! That’s the best one yet!


Comfort has to be the ultimate goal when searching for a “good’ bra. Whether that bra is wired or not, how comfortable it feels on the skin is very important. Always make sure that the bra isn’t tight. Snug is good, as they have to hold the ‘girls’ in place, but also ensure that there is breathing room. Even though they are a twin, the ‘girls’ still like to live “separate” lives.


Material plays a significant role in finding that perfect bra. This is often over looked in exchange for fashion but it determines how we get through our daily activities. There are so many types out there like lace, spandex, cotton, nylon, polyester or silk. If you are looking for durability, I suggest cotton or microfiber, and again that will also be determined by the seasons.


Also ranking pretty high on this list is Support. There comes a point in every woman’s life where support wins out over fashion. But we can be thankful that most bra manufacturers have done us the great justice of combining those two attributes of bras. Support has a lot to do with the bra’s shoulder and back straps. The width of these straps is so important to the level of support given. The wider the strap, the more support you have.


I cannot finish this post without telling you that how the bra makes you feel is one of the best characteristics of having a ‘good’ bra. If you don’t feel sexy and confident, you can leave that bra alone! Whether that bra is for daily activities or a sexy night on the town, it should make you feel like a million dollars! Feeling great about your undergarments sets the stage for a pretty darn sexy outfit.

Next time you have a minute to shop for a “good” bra, make sure you go through our little check list: Fit, Comfort, Material, Support, Confidence. Let’s make these things mandatory for some of the most important shopping we do for our ‘girls’.  Give to get when you visit this site to empower women. Stop struggling and start living!

Leave a comment below about your experience. Let’s start that discussion!

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