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How To Be Strapless…

Strapless bras have to be one of the hardest bras to shop for ever! Some don’t fit well, others just don’t fit! The bra cups can be temperamental and it’s just frustrating in general. How can I help you avoid all of this frustration and anger?

Well, let’s start by understanding what a Strapless bra is. They are bras that are without shoulder straps. They often have a wider back strap for extra support and the cups are made of stiffer molded fabric and boning. Strapless bras are made to wear with different types of outfits that show off your shoulders and back.

So what is all the fuss about you ask? The fit of course! Most women with larger bust line struggle with the fit of a strapless bra. That is because of the weight of their breasts. Some women have a real hard time finding a strapless because of this.

These are the things to look for when purchasing a strapless bra:

  • Anti slip grip

Everyone knows that gravity and the ‘girls’ don’t agree at the best of times, so you need to have this feature to ensure your breasts don’t head south after a minute. Even with smaller breasts, you need to have good silicone elastic to keep the bra cup in place.

  • Cup Size

Now if this isn’t the kicker! Comfort should be the most important thing at this point. Women need to understand that there are no shoulder straps and you need to get the support from the back strap and also the cup. Please ensure that the cup is fitting right for you, whether it’s up a cup size or down from your usual cup size. The bra cup must be snug and have a bit of boning. This boning should be padded and comfortable, especially if you have a larger bust line.

  • Back Band

Make sure that the band is broad, cause believe it or not, this the only support you have in this bra. Having the correct band size is extremely important here, not too tight to create bulges and not to slack to shimmy down.

There are a couple other things to consider when buying a Strapless bra. For example, what shape do you want? What occasion will you most likely be wearing a Strapless? Does it have great convertible straps? And, what type of material do you prefer?

Those things can impact what type of strapless bra you purchase. But the biggest one of all is knowing your correct bra size. If you are unsure of it, take a look at a previous post, ‘It’s Measuring Time’. Knowing your correct size makes life easier when shopping for a strapless, because you have the ability to start with a base and either go up a cup size or down a cup size or down a band size (always down a band size) depending on the brand. Bravissimo has a great variety of Strapless bras in all different sizes that you can check out here.

By taking those few tips into consideration while shopping, you can avoid the frustrations many ladies go through on a daily basis. Let’s keep our ‘girls’ up there! Until next time!

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