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Sleep Bras for Large Bust

Ever wondered if you sleep in a bra? And if so, which type? There are so many types of bras that people say you can sleep in, but are they correct? Let us see what characteristics you should be looking for in a Sleep Bra.


Sleep Bra comfortWhen you have had a long hard day, you don’t expect to go to bed and not be at your most comfortable? If you have a large bust line, you may have already ripped off your bra as soon as you got home! That is understandable, trust me, sometimes I’m ready for that before I get home. But what if you are thinking about wearing a bra at night too?

It must have that ‘barely there’ feel, almost like you aren’t wearing anything. After having done research, I found that some people even suggest Sports Bras for sleep. But how can that be, given that Sports Bras are build to compress the ‘girls’ to the chest to provide less movement?! Check out what I mean in previous post here. Now let’s agree that we all want less movement, but I don’t think that the ‘girls’ need anymore compression, as you do enough of that to your bed! What else should you look for in a Sleep Bra?


If you are asking how to get this, the key is material. The type of material will play a vital role in how great of a sleep you have. All breathable fabrics such as cotton or any other natural fibres that keep you cool are best. Some manufacturers are even building in moisture-wicking feature. Isn’t that nice?! Depending on which part of the world you live in can also determine which type of fabric suits you best. Living in the Tropics, well let’s just say cotton and moisture-wicking features sound amazing. Nike tells us all about Moisture- wicking and how it works.

If you have a larger bust and tend to sweat between and under the ‘girls’ frequently, then you need to avoid nylons and polyesters. They keep the ‘girls’ in a constant sauna and that is not good for you no matter what you try!


Sleepwear braWhen purchasing a Sleep Bra, try getting something as close to your regular size as possible. Sometimes you may have to go up a size overall to get the best ‘barely there’ feel. Make sure the band is not tight and ensure that the shoulder straps are wide and do not dig into your shoulders. Just trust yourself and your comfort level. Also, no underwire! I repeat, no underwire! If anyone tells you otherwise, please walk away quickly. Wireless bras with wide band straps bring about the most comfort, especially for sleep. Bravissimo has an entire page dedicated to Sleep Bras. Check it out!

Comfort, Breathability, and Fit happen to be the key things to look for in a Sleep Bra, whether you have a small or large bust line. The overall aim is to feel bra less or at least forget that you are wearing something!

Next time you purchase a Sleep Bra, make sure you follow the above criteria to achieve your goals! See you tomorrow!

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