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Convertible/ Multi-way Bras Are In!

Do you have a backless outfit but you don’t know which bra to wear with it? Can’t stand to see underwear exposed when you know it shouldn’t? We are going to explore the world of Convertible bras to solve these outfit issues.

What is a convertible bra?

This bra has straps that can be worn in different ways to suit the desired outfit. Some convertible bras allow you to remove the straps completely and become Strapless Bras.

Most convertible or Multi-way bras have bra straps that can criss- cross in the back or halter around the neck. Some can also become completely backless.

Who can wear a Convertible Bra?

A multi-way bra is for every woman to have in their drawer. This bra offers versatility for many different style of outfits. For instance, if you have a halter top, which has a strap around the back of the neck, you can convert your bra. By using only one strap, you will place the strap to around your neck in the same way as your halter top.

ChecklistOnly purchase a convertible bra a size up from your regular bra if it is padded. The padding inside of the cup can cause your ‘girls’ to spill out of the bra. Padding sits in the bottom of the bra cup and pushes up the breasts to give them a fuller look. If the bra is unpadded, then you should be able to retain your regular bra size, keeping in mind your usual checklist.

Check out this short video on Multi-Way/ Convertible Ways.

Criss- Cross

Mostly when you convert the bra with the straps crossed in the back, you are going to be wearing a Racer back top or dress. . Holding each strap hooked to their cups, you will cross them over the shoulders, each strap going to the opposite hook. If you wear a regular bra with a Racer back, you will see those bra straps and we don’t want that!

One Shoulder

Using both bra straps, you will hook the side which has your shoulder covered, like a regular bra. On the opposite side, you hook that strap onto the cup and then across to the next strap where you hook it. Tighten to your comfort.


This is quite simple. As a halter only sits around your neck, leaving your back out, you will use only one strap. Extend that strap and hook from one cup, around the back of your neck to hook onto the other cup.

brasThose are some tidbits on how you can possibly wear your Convertible Bra in various outfits. Ladies, you don’t want to look untidy or as though you didn’t know what type of bra to wear with what outfit or where the straps should go for maximum effect. Having this type of bra in your arsenal will give you the versatility to wear whatever outfit. Choose wisely! Until next time!





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