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As It Seams… What Do they Mean?

Have you ever considered the seam lines in a bra? Like why are they even there and what purpose do they serve?

Seams are for the most part what holds garments together, however, the seams in bras have a lot more strategic purpose. It has a lot to do with shaping, lift and support.

There are different types of seams and they all have a different purpose. Accordingly, knowing what these seams do help to make your life easier when shopping for a bra. Let’s take a look at each seam and its purpose.

Horizontal Seams

A bra with a horizontal seam across the cup gives us a wider look. It doesn’t have the ‘girls’ sitting up or out front, it usually has a more subdued look, almost minimalist. Depending on the shape of your breasts, the bra cup can be a bit pointy, so you should watch out for how it looks under your clothes. These bras were sold a lot in the 1950/60s era and were all the rage.

Vertical Seams

A vertical seam gives a more rounded look in the bra. This seam starts from the bottom centre of the bra cup and goes straight up to the top of the cup. This gives the ‘girls’ a fuller more pushed up look under the clothes, therefore it is a more favored seam, as it gives your breasts a lift and offers continuous support through to the straps of the bra.

Modified Seams

Now when I say modified I mean combined seams. This is when you see three pieces of fabric sewn together- a vertical seam from the bottom of the bra cup halfway up to meet with a horizontal seam across the bra cup. This type of seaming offers women with a larger bust line a lot of support. That is due to how the seam are attached, giving a lot of depth to the bra cup. Another modified seam pattern is one that starts from the inner side of the bra cup and curve across the centre and then runs vertically into the bra strap. This bra is from Freya Lingerie.


When it comes to seamless bras, they are usually padded or moulded. Ladies with smaller breast can wear padded bras with comfort, however, women with a larger bustline should opt for the moulded ones. Moulded bras don’t have any padding, they just give the breasts a specific shape. You find these more in the T-shirt or strapless bra styles. Women tend to love these bras, as they have a smooth finish under clothes. I do recommend these bras under particular types of fabrics, like silk, satin and anything that is a bit clingy. When it comes to these types of bras, get the best strap for your bustline.

So make sure to check the seaming on the bras the next time you decide to purchase. Check out the previous post and add this information to know what type of look you are going for under those clothes, and get the bra with the seams to help you achieve it. Don’t ever neglect those seams again!




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