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3 Signs of Wearing the Wrong Bra

Ladies, did you know that 80% of women wear the incorrect bra size? That is a huge number with all the information out there! Is it that women are not interested? Is it that there is no time? Nevertheless, we need to understand what it looks like when you wear the wrong bra.

Breasts Spilling Over

This is one of the biggest signs that a bra is wrong for you. The bra cup is definitely too small. Have you realized that the ‘girls’ are sitting on your torso and not the cup of the bra? If that is is the case, then you need to find a Bra fitter, immediately. Breasts spilling out from all angles of the bra, top, bottom and sides, shows that the cup is not enough to hold the ‘girls’. This can cause your breasts to for lack of a better word “swing” about all day, riding on your chest wall and cause discomfort. Other things such as sweat build up and dark marks can develop into cuts and bruises.

Bra BandBack Strap Fastened at the First Hook

If you have to fasten your bra hooks on the first hooks from the very beginning of purchase, then the bra band is too big. Bra Stretch is a very real thing and the bra’s band will eventually lose its elasticity. If you start by hooking your bra on that hook, where will you hook it when the band slackens? You must understand, that pairing this with a cup size that is too small for you is a recipe for pure discomfort.

I can imagine you not feeling secure enough in your bra, always adjusting and trying to pull down that back strap. Now I know you are pulling at that strap because it should be sitting securely in the middle of your back. If you find that back strap sitting in between your shoulders, then a smaller back size is recommended.

Thin Shoulder Straps

This can cause way too many issues, the main one being that your ‘girls’ sit way way too low, below where they should be. The domino effect of thin straps mean that you wear them too loose because they dig into the shoulders and cause pain. If you have a large chest, shoulder pain tends to be a common issue. Comfort then becomes priority when this happens and the breasts then hang lower than they should.rope pulling

How do you know if the straps are too thin? Well, when you take off your bra after a long day and see the imprints of those straps that have dug into your shoulders. You may not have felt it, if it is a customary feeling. It can lead to shoulder, neck and back pain, dark marks and indentations.

Now that you know what wearing the wrong looks like, there should be no reason for you continue on that track. If you have recognized any of these negatives in your bra collection, it is easy for you to rectify this by getting a proper fitting, admitting and purchasing your rightful bra size.



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