Underwire Or No Wire for Ladies with a Bigger Bustline

Underwire Or No Wire for Ladies with a Bigger Bustline

Ladies, ladies, ladies. As I sit in front of the first 2020 US Presidential Debate, I realize I’m doing it in my bra. (Where is that exasperating emoji when you need it!). As much as I would love to take off my bra as soon as I walk through the door from work, I am not in a position to do so as I don’t live alone. Anyway, I was saying that I’m writing this article in an Underwire bra at the moment (8pm). Sigh.

OK enough self-pity, let’s chat.

Wire Bending 🙂

I am a proud believer in Underwire Bras. I don’t actually think I go without one. I really do believe they give me the security I crave as a woman with large breasts. For me, ‘the girls’ aren’t just large, they are very heavy as well. Did we ever talk about the fact that our boobs don’t stay “up there” after we remove our bra? That gravity isn’t really our friend?! OK I will have to speak about that and my journey.

Safe and Secure

So wire keeps the structure of the large cup bra. This is the final piece to the greatest design of a bra you can get. When you add the wire, the straps, back and seaming of the cup, it all comes together making for total security and safety. When I feel that Underwire pressed onto my under bust, I know my breasts won’t drop below it. Of course that depends on if the straps are tightened to your comfort level. ‘Cause I mean if those straps are loose, ‘the girls’ can swing low, and that is not a good thing at all Gals.

Lift Them Up

Do you think Underwired bras offer more lift?

Yaaassssss!!!!!! With the lift, not only do you get ‘the girls’ up where they belong, you allow underneath them to breathe easy. This reduces the sweating that usually occurs to women with large bust. No one ever really speaks about the amount of sweating that goes on under there. It can get ridiculous to be honest.

As you gals know already, I live in a very gorgeous island in the Caribbean and we only get two (2) seasons: Dry and Rainy Season. Well, let me tell you, when its hot, it is beyond hot! Sometimes it makes me wonder what Menopause feels like, sheesh. Now I am not saying the temperatures are as awful as some European countries and other countries close to the Equator, cause your girl would’ve melted, but my goodness. If you do live in any of those countries, you understand the feeling.

I can sweat and I mean sweat like if you just took a shower and didn’t dry off! You know what I’m saying?! I am an honest girl and I know I can trust you, so I can tell you, I have dark marks under my breasts. They are from sweating and having the girls sit against my skin all day. I try not to let it affect me but sometimes I find myself pondering it too long in the mirror. So for me proper and correct Underwired bras have been my Savior.

Wireless- My Connection

Is it safe to say that not having something stiff against your rib cage is a good feeling? 🙂 I just raved about the beauty of the Underwire Bra, but I can miss the structure of “steel”. Yea?!

However, let us be very careful. If you have a Wireless Bra, please, please, please, I beg you, make sure that the bra has broad straps and good sturdy vertical seam lines in the cup. Ladies, it hurts me to see ‘the girls’ riding way lower than they are supposed to be. The broad straps help keep our big breasts up and looking good while being comfortable in a Wire Free Bra.

As I said before, my breasts are big and heavy, therefore, when I wear a Wireless Bra, I depend heavily on the straps because I pull them tight. A lot of pressure is placed on my shoulders, as they practically carry all the weight. So I need those straps to be broad, hopefully padded and comfortable. Don’t wear them overly long though, as they can cause dark marks on your shoulders. I have those battle wounds as well, but Vitamin E oil is my friend!

Where We Are Now?

Ladies, there are so many little things we have to be aware of. Don’t worry they become second nature. I really hope I was able to help you see the differences between these lovely bras. I think we can continue to tackle our insecurities and share our experiences.

I really want to hear your thoughts and if you have any questions. Leave a comment or send me an email at jasmaygrace@brasandthegirls.com.

Let us talk again soon. Ciao Bellas!


  1. I know I’m definitely not an authority on the subject but I know from experience with my wife the if it doesn’t have a wire I might as well not buy it. I made the mistake of grabbing one that I thought she would like. She did like it but would not wear it (in public) because it had “no support”. Lesson learned, she likes it when I pick out clothes I like and buy them for her, but they have to have the proper support if she’s going to wear it out if the house.

    AL. S.
    1. Hi Al,

      I actually agree with your wife and quite frankly live like her. I tend to wear my wireless bras home. LOL. Everyone is entitled to their comfort level and security goes a long way to feeling comfortable. Well I am glad you understand now why she doesn’t wear what I’m sure is a lovely bra out in public.

      Kudos for being a great and thoughtful husband though!

      Thanks for checking out the site, I appreciate your comment and send your wife my way!


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