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How do you gals feel about these types of bras for large busts: Lace, T-shirt and Cotton. Let’s get settled into our chat. 🙂

An Ace for the Lace

I think my bra drawer is full of lace bras. Hahahaha. That’s because these new lace bras have so much stretch in them. And the bigger the bust, the more stretching they have to do.

I find them to be so comfy and lightweight. They keep me cool and that is important especially living in a tropical climate.

We have to watch our seam lines with lace bras to make certain they are sturdy enough to hold up the ‘girls’. If you are unsure about the placement of seams in bras, please take a look at a previous post here.

Let’s talk about the fact that lace bras should not be worn under everything. I’m so giving myself the ‘side eye’, because I push the envelope where that is concerned. OK, OK I will surrender with this! Depending on the material of your outfit, lace can definitely show through. I guess that is why my mum insists that it’s called “under” wear for a reason.


I want to touch, oh wait don’t use that word; look at the ‘peek a boo’ show that our nipples like to put on under a lace bra. Sigh. You know what I mean. They love to make their presence known at the most undesirable times possible. And don’t we know having the ‘girls’ already draws enough attention.

I remember this one guy I happened to run into every week, used to greet my breasts first. I kid you not! He would look directly at them and say “Hi girls” and smile, then look into my face and say “Oh hey Jasmay, how are ya?” I still roll my eyes at this. Somehow I really don’t think he was trying to be a perv, he just thought the ‘girls’ were awesome enough to get their own greeting. I also must admit, I had them in a bra that put them on display. At that point in my life, I was just beginning to embrace my breasts and my body as a whole.

You guyssss, I’m getting side tracked. OK continuing on….

Miss Tee

I love T-shirt bras. They give you such a sleek look, especially at the sides. These bras are usually padded but for ladies like us, they are just molded. This is great because we also get to share in the look of having a very smooth finish under our clothing.

T-shirt bras have the ‘girls’ feeling on Cloud 9, as they sit very high on our chest. I personally love that. I don’t like to walk around with my boobs low at all. Hmm, maybe I will do an article about that!

OK, now to the drawbacks. For me there is one major and one minor drawback that I see with this type of bra. Major one is the Cup size. I find that the mold of the bra doesn’t give us the most accurate size, as we are accustomed to.

Example of this is I purchased a t-shirt bra in my usual size UK 32H. However, I found that because of the mold it was too small. I got muffin top and side boob. 🙁 So when I wear this bra, I know I will be making a lot of adjustments throughout the day. But to combat some of that, I wear a very close-fitting top or dress, so they won’t ‘pop’ out. With the next purchase, I will go up a Cup Size, probably get a UK 32HH. Have a look at this post which gives you a great size conversion.

My minor drawback is literally the fact that they aren’t as lightweight as a lace bra. I think that is me nip picking really.

The Good Ole

Cotton bras speak as though they are the love child of Lace and T-shirt. This bra is such a good combination.

They are lightweight like the lace bra and still gives you the smooth finish like the T-shirt bra. They hardly ever have seams, therefore minimizing the ‘girls’ without distorting the shape in any way.

Just be careful with the nipple show as the material is soft, so don’t get too excited. Also, be mindful that you do not pull the straps too tight on this bra, as they have some stretch in the cups as well.

Makes Me Happy 🙂

What I can say is how much I love the differences with each bra and how they show their versatility and importance in our lives. For a big breast girl, we see the need to have more than one type of bra in our lingerie drawer, our arsenal as I like to call it. When we present ourselves to the world, we need to be on Fire! Each of those bras has the ability to give us the confidence in our day to day lives. Stick with what feels best for you on any given day!

Let me know in the comment section which bra is your favorite. Also, hit me up with an email with your opinions on this post at jasmaygrace@brasandthegirls.com

Have a fabulous week Ladies.

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