So I have to say right now, full disclosure, that I think these two (2) Types of Bras for Big Bust are the absolute hardest to shop for.

Strapless and Sports Bras

Ok deep breath Ladies and let’s get started.

Tireless Strapless

Strapless Bras have to bane of my existence…. I mean I am yet to find one that actually fits the way I want it to. We have to admit it Ladies, large, heavy breasts and gravity are not the best of friends. Stop rolling your eyes, yes, I know you are doing it and we can’t wish upon a star for it to happen.

Let’s talk about what we love about strapless. These bras allow us to wear lovely different types of outfits that show off our shoulders and our back. Our shoulders rejoice with freedom and that is good. C’Mon, when I find that outfit I can wear without a bra, I feel can takeover the world in comfort. Don’t mind that the outfit is usually a one piece swimsuit. LOL. Will have to do an article about swimwear later.

Another great thing about a strapless is the ‘push up’ element. They have ‘the girls’ up, together and feeling secure. Once you find that bra that gives you a great fit, we can hold over without complaint. The pressure that is usually on our shoulders is no more while wearing a strapless.

Is It Always Great?!

The not so good things about strapless bras are as follows. I’m just gonna say for my one part that I think the lack of availability of large cup strapless bras is con. We, meaning the ‘girls’ and I, find it difficult to find more than three (3) styles and cuts of these bras.

The seaming of these bras is the biggest for us. I found that these bras make you look wider, as the seam goes horizontally across the cup. We don’t need to look as though we have more bust than we do; we need to look neat.

Is the Strap too Tight?

Sometimes I wonder about the above. Now I’m not the biggest girl in the house, but I can say that the strap of the bra can get a little ‘caught up’ in my ‘folds’. Does that create a problem? I think so, because sometimes the strap around the back is not only tight but too thin. The width of the strap makes a lot of difference when it comes wearing. For me if the back of the bra is wider it doesn’t roll up. If the strap rolls up, it creates a problem because is there no longer any support for the ‘girls’ facing north. Talk about way too much pressure on the top of my tummy?! Shesh!

Sometimes, actually most times, I think it is easier to just purchase an outfit that I can wear a regular bra with. I know what you are saying, “but Jasmay, strapless bras do come with detachable straps?!” Yes but the cups usually give me a muffin top and that comes with a lot of adjusting all the time. 🙁

Fitness Freak?! Ha!

You know ladies, I am not into fitness as I should me be and that is because I hate to skip or do jumping jacks without the correct bra. ‘The girls’ obviously get excited and carried away and just go all over the place. It is quite the sight I must say and very uncomfortable as you well know. I have searched far and wide and unfortunately I’m still unsuccessful. Although I do think I am being cheap too, cheeky ain’t it?!

There are some really nice Sports Bras out that are stylish and pretty. They have some really nice, wide padded straps and the cups look very breathable.

But I do question their functionality. Will they hold the ‘girls’ in place as I jump up and down during my workout? Do they have the “old faithful” underwire in them? If so, does that mean that Sports Bras without are not as effective? Omg, does my brain have on running shoes?!


I chose to write about these types of bras in two sections, as they are the most difficult on the market to find. I think I’m very worried about the comfort level and you gals know how much I stress this.

Do you ladies think I am looking in the wrong places? Do you think I’m being cheap? I don’t knowwww.

Can you help me sistas?!

Let me know by sending me an email at

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