Top 3 Wire Free Bras for Ladies Over DDD+

Top 3 Wire Free Bras for Ladies Over DDD+

It’s Jasmay here. How are you? I hope you are well.

Now let me say that finding 5 wire free bras over DDD+ took some time. However, Ladies I did it, as I think it is an important topic to talk about during this pandemic. I mean with Covid- 19 raging, we find ourselves working from home a lot. My happy place has now become my work place, so the least we can be is comfortable right?!

I did the whole work from home last year with the first lock down, but it was an on again, off again kind of thing. However, I have been home consistently from January this year, it’s now March and I have been thinking so hard about Wire free Bras. Why, you ask? It’s my custom to have underwire, it’s all I had frankly; and being honest, I still think they provide the best support.

Well, as it looks like I will be working remotely for a while, I thought it may be best to look for a more comfortable option. I even started to sew a Wire free bra for myself, as I’m pretty good with my sewing machine. Found me a nice pattern too, from So Sew Easy. If that interests you, see the link at the end of this post.

Let’s see what made my Top 3 list of Wire free Bras over DDD+. Full Disclosure, I earn from qualifying purchases.

DotVol Wirefree Minimizer Bra

(#paid link)


This bra just looks sophisticated. The design is amazingly classy. DotVol material line up is showing us that having the basics covered is half the job done. Made up of Polyamide (which is durable, absorbent without retaining moisture) and Spandex (gives up the elasticity and strength to keep ‘the girls’ up), makes for a lightweight, abrasion resistant, soft and breathable bra.

It isn’t padded either, which is a bonus. We don’t need the extra in this case. However, having molded cups helps to keep the structure of the bra and keeps ‘the girls’ in place. Did I say it was a Minimizer and said to reduce the appearance of your breasts by one full cup size?! That’s amazing. If you need further information about Minimizer Bras, click here to see a previous but very detailed post about them.

Straps on this bra are wide and cushioned, yes cushioned, and they don’t just sit on your shoulder, but continues over the shoulder as well. The band is wide, has four (4) hook and eyes and a U-shaped back which takes most of the weight off of the shoulders.

Two (2) drawbacks:- This bra doesn’t run in Band sizes under 34 and because the cushioned straps carry over the shoulder, the adjustability is limited.

Freya Daisy Lace Bralette



I will be honest here and say I got scared with the idea of my ‘girls’ and bralette in the same sentence. 😮 None the less, I chose this bra, not only for the very pretty lace work and trendy fashions, but for the cut of the cup. The triangle cut of the cup will ensure that there is lift. The material is also going to play a part in that because the bra is made with Polyamite (82%) and Elastane (Lace- 18%). This lace is soft and lends well to our femininity. We can still feel girly, no?!

The band of the bra is of medium width and gets smaller in the back, utilizing a very slight curve shape. The Freya only uses two (2) hook and eyes in the back band. Straps on this bra are wider than on a regular bra and fully adjustable.

The Daisy Lace comes in Extra Small (XS) to Extra Large (XL), as it is a bralette. In order to get your correct size, you can refer to the Freya size chart below.

Two (2) Drawbacks:- This bra’s band and straps can be wider to offer a little more support. Straps on this bra can also be cushioned or padded for maximum comfort. This bra only comes in three (3) colors: black, white and nude, which offers very little variety.

Lunaire Versailles Soft Cup Bra




This bra is very cute! This Lunaire features fantastic material for maximum support. Made up of Nylon (92%) and Spandex (8%) in the outer cup, it stretches very nicely. However, the lining inside of the cup has more Spandex involvement to keep the ‘girls’ in one place. The back band of the bra also has a different material ratio.

This says a couple of things to me: 1. The designers have really given women with a larger bust line some serious thought and 2. It offers you the right amount of support in all the areas we need them in. That’s just the material!

The band of the bra is wide and cushioned at the bottom as well. It carries three (3) hook and eyes and sits in a nice wide U-shape, taking a lot of weight from the shoulders. Straps on this bra are generously cushioned and carry on over the shoulder and are adjustable.

Two (2) Drawbacks:- Limited colors for this bra; only comes in black, white and nude. Straps on this bra are not fully adjustable due to the fact that the cushioned straps carry over the shoulder.


Comfort is important as you know, but for us Ladies with large breasts, we tend to be somewhat self-conscious about the ‘girls’ jostling and fighting for position in a Wire Free Bra. Therefore, support is also on that bunch of keys we mentally walk around with. It is very important to find bras which helps us to be as stress and care free as we can be.

I mean as I think about it, wearing underwire bras all day never bothered me before but I was physically at work or on the go. Sitting at home in my most private space tells my brain it’s free and the ‘girls’ thinks so too. So finding that freedom is becoming a thing.

All in all, the Top 3 Bras offer the comfort, fit and support needed not just for staying inside, but for looking quite presentable and fabulous for on the go. I know they have a couple of drawbacks, but in the grand scheme of things, they are very minute in comparison. Have a look at all three (3) bras and tell me what you think in the comments below or by email at

Almost forgot, here’s the link for the DIY Bra I promised.

Until next time!

Ciao Bellas!


  1. Thanks for sharing this helpful article, as finding a comfortable and supportive bra seems like a lifelong pursuit that is surprising challenging. I am a little confused where the DDD (triple D) sizing should fit on the overall scale… it would be so helpful if bra sizes were printed with the standard “34D” and the equivalent measures that are similar (and easier to find) substitutes for harder-to-find / bigger cup sizes!

    1. Hey Aly,

      I am glad you found the post helpful. And yes, it is a lifelong pursuit for comfort and support. The reason for this site and why I focus so much on larger cup sizes, is because they are so much harder to find, especially where comfort and support are concerned. 

      Ladies with a larger cup size tend to settle for bras that are ok, not the most supportive or comfortable even. I know from experience, the trials and tribulations ladies with a large bust line.

      Ok, regarding the triple D size, that is actually 3 times the cup size of a D cup. Different parts of the world use different sizes as well. Here’s a link to one of my previous posts which gives a snippet on the size chart comparison.

      I hope I was helpful. Anything else you want to know, comment or send me an email, I will answer as best as I can.




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