The Ultimate Sports Bra Checklist Just for You!

The Ultimate Sports Bra Checklist Just for You!

Bellas! During this pandemic, weight gain has been something I have been trying to avoid. Please…who am I trying to fool, myself?! I am awful at working out at home, therefore I don’t. However, I’ve been dreaming of going back to the gym, which is tomorrow, yayyyyyy! In the meantime, I have been preparing myself by researching Sports Bras and I thought I should share with you The Ultimate Sports Bra Checklist.

The Horror

Sports Bras have plagued me for years and honestly 3/4 of the reasons why I never got into fitness. Something as simple as skipping or jumping jacks, is not so simple for me. My breast naturally carry a lot of weight and doing those exercises without adequate compression or support is awful and quite tiring.

The thing is, I love sports. I watch them on TV all the time. I also used to play sports for my school when I was a teenager, basketball and netball. I remember having a Sports Bra my mum bought for me, but it never made any difference because it was so ill-fitting. Eventually I stopped wearing it and just used my regular bra, then I stopped playing sports altogether.

Who knew not having the correct type of bra could have such an effect on your life. Well I do! And because of this, I don’t want anyone to go through what I did. So let’s get into it.

Fit Me In

First things first, fit. What is your size? In this instance, using your regular bra size as a guide is fine, however, please understand that Sports Bras provide compression and are built as such. Check out a previous post on The Sports Bra Hunt for additional information.

If you are unsure of how to measure yourself, here is a little sneak peek:

  1. Measure directly under your arms over your bust
  2. Measure your band size (rib cage directly under your bust)
  3. Measure across the widest part of your bust

Click on for a complete and comprehensive on site calculation. When you know you can take your size and plug in to any site.

If you want a more extensive Bra Size Finder, has one I recommend if you are having trouble with what you are supposed to look for when analyzing your bra size. Both of these charts are very useful.

What’s Next?

I really hope you are asking the above question, because we are not done. You have to ask yourself what type of exercises you are going to do. Answering this question has a lot to do with which type of Sports Bra you purchase. I know it seems like a lot but just remember you want to buy the best for yourself.

I’m going to try to break it down for you as best as I can in terms of which type of bra for which types of exercises:

  • Low Impact Bra– Walking, Light Jogging, Everyday wear
  • Medium Impact Bra- Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics etc.,
  • High Impact Bra- HIIT, Running, Boxing etc.,

Check out for some really nice Low, Medium and High Impact workouts.

Low Impact Bras are light and can be used comfortably for everyday wear. Whereas, Medium Impact Bras have slight compression that makes sure it fits snugly and has lift and support. High Impact Bras have the most compression built in and offers more support in the straps and the under bust band.

Note carefully, if you have a heavier chest, then you should always go for the High Impact Bra, as it has the best lift and support for the ‘girls’. For me, doing the simplest thing like skipping can be a challenge because my breasts are heavy. If I were to utilize a Medium Impact Bra, my shoulders would scream in agony and that would bring on the neck pain. I have tried and tested this type of Sports Bra already and I won’t wish the pain on my worst enemy.

Its Purpose

There are certain things your Sports Bra should do for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Here is a list you should check off.

  • Snug but not uncomfortably tight

This goes back to getting the correct bra size. As long as you make sure your size is correct, then the Sports Bra should not be too tight. Snug refers to the compression that runs throughout the bra, so don’t be afraid of that, mistaking it for being tight.

  • Reduce Bounce

One of the main reasons for having a Sports Bra is to decrease the bouncing of the ‘girls’. If the bra doesn’t do this very important job, then we might as well wear our regular bras. So look at me now: I go to a bra store to buy a Sports Bra, I try it on, but in the fitting room, I’m jumping up and down (quietly of course) to test or grade the level of bounce I get. That little exertion tells you how effective the bra is before purchase.

  • Comfort

This is important as well. We don’t need all the other business like straps digging into our shoulders, the ‘girls’ trying to get out of the bra or one that actually happens, its restricts your breathing. All of those things are NO, NOs!


Another factor is material. Trying not to get to technical, I will go back to the different categories of Sports Bra and look at the best type of material for each.

  • Low Impact- you can go soft cotton stretch that gives you freedom to move. My reason for cotton is more for breathability, natural fiber and all.
  • Medium Impact to High Impact- for this type I suggest a heavy and sturdy fabric like Nylon or Spandex. Another material being used frequently is Polyamide, which is a combination of artificial and natural fibers. This combination can be made with wicker material to help with ventilation for perspiration. has a snippet about the Holy Grail of Sports wear fabric, in their Sports bra pattern post.


Ladies, I didn’t just want to do an Ultimate Checklist and not suggest any bras, so I looked around and tested some great Sports bras that fit the above criteria.

Wacoal Sport Contour Underwire Bra. (up to a G cup)


Panache Non Wired Sports Bra. (up to a H cup)


Glamorise High Impact Wonderwire Sports Bra. (up to H cup)


Click each one and pick the best one for you!

At the End

I hope the Ultimate Sports Bra Checklist is helpful and you know now what should be ticked off before purchase. Remember, Comfort, Fit, What type of exercises, and Material are very important for selection.

Don’t let a lack of knowledge prevent you from doing all the activities that makes a great lifestyle.

Leave a comment or email me at to let me know what you think or how helpful the Checklist has been for you.

Until next time Ladies!

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