The Best Nursing Bras: Everything You Need to Know!

The Best Nursing Bras: Everything You Need to Know!

Hiiii! Jasmay again. Guess what? I was talking to a good friend of mine who recently had a baby. So cute! She was telling me about the good, the bad and ugly of having a baby. I don’t have one as yet, but I’m learning a lot before I get mine 🙂 .

We ended up talking about our online businesses, hers selling baby products online and mine as you know is this site. My girl told me she loves my site, but I need to do an article on The Best Nursing Bras and Everything You Need to Know about them. I’m told that the choices are limited, either they are really functional with no design, or sexy without the practicality. Ugh.

My friend tasked me with finding the Best Nursing Bras with both style and function. So here we go.

What is a Nursing Bra?

So what is the purpose of a Nursing Bra. According to a post on, “A nursing bra is a supportive undergarment designed for breastfeeding women. It has cups with flaps or panels that can be easily opened to provide access to your breasts without having to remove your entire bra.” Post written by Donna Murray.

So understand that a Nursing bra’s purpose is to make it easier to feed your gorgeous baby. Made with built in flaps, that opens to expose your breasts to nurse your child is tantamount.

Years ago, I had another friend who had a baby and she used to wear light/ low impact Sports Bra. My lady explained it was easier on her to wear that Sports Bra because the Nursing Bra selection was ugly. Yup, she used the word ‘ugly’. Go to my preview post on the Ultimate Sports Bra Checklist to understand the meaning of Low Impact Sports Bras.

She explained that when she goes out to run errands, she still wants a breast shape that did not make her look like her grandmother. And I so understand. You want to be comfortable yes, but still stylish. At the end of the day, you know what you’re wearing underneath and that affects your confidence. No doubt about it!

The Journey Starts

I went on an interesting journey looking for all the components of a good Nursing Bra. Ya know, what makes them not only functional but great as well. Here is what I found:

A Nursing Bra should be:-

  • Supportive – At this stage, your breasts are making milk, therefore adding weight to the ‘girls’. Having a supportive bra is very important. You need it to minimize bounce and still provide lift without being tight. Try finding one that is Wireless, as a lot of the weight will be carried in the under band of the bra. I’m saying this because sometimes Underwire can get tiresome with the added weight. If you need to understand the components of Wireless Bras and what you should be looking for, here is a previous post on the Top 3 Wireless Bras.
  • Functional – I cannot stress enough the sole purpose of a Nursing Bra in my estimation, is to have discreet, drop down cups for ease of feeding. The clasps should be easy and fast to unhook and re-hook, not complicated. Keep that in mind.
  • Durable – Depending on how long ladies choose to breastfeed, the bras should last that length of time as well. I also noticed that persons said to purchase at least 3 Nursing bras to last through the time. These bras are going to be worn ‘hard’, and I do understand the reasoning behind those 3 purchases.

Anything Else?

Now I’m looking at the qualities above and I’m actually thinking about the mental and emotional well-being of women at this stage in their lives. Bodies changed over 9 months and they are full to the top with hormones that aren’t accustomed to being there on a regular basis. The mood swings alone, based on my friends, can get very annoying.

I decided to conduct a little survey with mothers I know. Mind you, I seem to be one of the very few women I know who isn’t a mother, hmmmm. I will think about that later. Anyway, after speaking to them, the majority said they had body issues, sometimes during the pregnancy and definitely after the baby came into the world.

Some of them said, they had a hard time looking at themselves in a mirror on a daily basis. That in mind, should women feeling this way, wear anything that will make them feel less or worse than they are already feeling? I think not! That is why I think other factors need to play a part in what makes a good Nursing Bra. Let’s take a look.

A Nursing Bra should also:-

  • Make you feel Beautiful – this is important to how you see yourself. In being beautiful, you are very comfortable. Each Nursing Bra should be such that you don’t feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do. A comfortable Nursing Bra is one less thing you have to worry about.
  • Be Sexy – With everything going on with you, especially those long hours of being awake, you should have something that makes you feel great to wear every day. Thinking you are sexy goes a long way to increasing confidence in yourself and how you look. It definitely will bring back the spring in your step.

Choices, Choices, Choices

Well, you gals can’t think I’m going to write an entire post and not give you a great selection of Nursing Bras, can you?! Keep reading to see my Top 4 Nursing Bras that cover everything mentioned above. These bras are coming from 2 of the greatest Bra brands, Wacoal and Elomi.

I have tried to cover all types of moms, everyday and active, with this list. Make sure to click each one and check them out!

Wacoal Wireless Nursing Bra


Wireless Nursing Bra

Wacoal Wire Free Sport Nursing Bra

Wacoal T-Shirt Nursing Bra

Tshirt nursing bra

Elomi Seamless Smoothing Underwire Nursing Bra
Underwire Nursing Bra


Nursing Bras are going to be very important for this particular phase in your life and you should have everything in it. You shouldn’t have to be worried about what your husband or boyfriend thinks anymore, not finding you attractive. More importantly, you should not be thinking that at all.

Having a great Nursing Bra which is both functional and stylish, is very important and a necessity for you and your baby. Nursing Bras that encompass everything mentioned above, goes a long way in letting you know you are making the right decisions and that you are doing a great job! Congratulations!

I trust I was helpful and I look forward to your comments on this post. Leave a comment below or email me at Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get your free but very important gift.

Thanks again for reading!


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