The 5 Most Amazing T-Shirt Bras for DDD+ Women

The 5 Most Amazing T-Shirt Bras for DDD+ Women

Hey Ladies, have you ever wondered about T-Shirt bras, especially T-shirt bras for large bust? Do you think that depending on the bra, you may look a bit “stuffed”? Whew, OK I’m not the only one….good! In this post I look at The 5 Most Amazing T-shirt Bras for DDD+ Women.

So what is a T-shirt bra anyway? In my opinion, a T-shirt bra is designed to give you smooth seamless lines under your tightly fitted tops or t-shirts (hence the name). The cups can be padded or not and molded or not. Check out a mini description of T-shirt bra in a previous post.

Now let’s get right into this happiness for today. Read to the end to find out my # 1 pick

# 5 Fantasie Impression Underwire Molded Bra


Black is just sexy. I feel the need to “purrrrrr” when wearing it. Fantasie has been around a long time and they work really hard to cater to women of all sizes. Made out of Polyamide fabric, meaning the bra is super absorbent without retaining moisture, it is very durable and “wears well”. You do know that to “wear well” is to “wear it out”, yea?! I tend to “wear a bra real well” when it’s comfortable and this looks like that! This Fantasie bra runs up to a GG cup.


  • Seamless
  • Lightly Molded cup with soft inner cup lining to reduce movement
  • Minimizer Technology
  • Nice Round shape for Natural looking breasts
  • Wide center front for great lift and separation
  • Wide straps that are fully adjustable
  • J-hook included for conversion to Racerback


  • Lace- doesn’t have a smooth finish under your t-shirts
  • Cannot wear those low cut tops

# 4 Elomi Smooth Underwire Molded Bra


Now even though I’m not quite familiar with the Elomi brand, I definitely think I have to start checking them out! The ‘girls’ look like they sleep on a cloud. Ladies, you understand me when I say I want a bra I can forget I’m wearing right?! This Elomi totally looks like it! This brand uses UK sizing, however here is a great International Conversion Chart from HERROOM.COM. Elomi Smooth Underwire runs up to a UK J Cup! Outstanding!


  • Full Coverage
    Smooth Cups with a Non- stretch Mold
  • Durable Aerocool Technology for keeping cool and dry
  • Wide center front for great lift and separation
  • Nice rounded shape gives a very natural look
  • Wide and fully adjustable straps
  • Soft Underband for maximum comfort


  • Not seamless. The seam sits on the top of the cup above the breast to ensure full coverage
  • Cannot wear low- cut tops with it

This Elomi Bra is a great option for you!

# 3 Panache Elan Molded T- Shirt Balconette Bra


This T-shirt bra looks great for everyday wear. The ‘girls’ can still keep in touch throughout the day without them being squished together. It has a gorgeous neckline and offers great support for heavier breasts. Need to know about Balconette Bras, take a look at my post Are Half Cups Unnecessary. Also, keep in mind the sizing of a Molded cup and adjust to cater best for you. Panache Elan goes up to a H cup. Let’s look at the full list of Pros and Cons.


  • Seamless- completely smooth and is quite invisible under clothing
  • Durable fabrics- Made of good comfy and breathable material
  • Plunge- Has a little plunge to it, lending well to those low cut tops
  • Slimming Sides- The structure of the sides of this bra are built to slim the ‘girls’, making us look very streamlined
  • Straps- The straps are wider which reduces pressure to the shoulders. There are fully adjustable, crisscross in the back.
  • Back Band- Has a heavier under elastic band for added support and comfort.


  • Back Band- only has 2 hook and eyes, I think for Bigger bust, we can go for 3
  • Back Band- it can be wider to take some weight off of the shoulders

Overall, I think it is a good decent T-Shirt Bra for ladies with a larger chest.

# 2 Wacoal Basic Beauty Spacer Underwire T-Shirt Bra


This is the best-seller T-shirt bra for Wacoal. It comes with a little more coverage than the previous Balconette bra, but it’s still stylish. The Beauty Spacer is lightly padded but does not look heavy, which is great. This bra goes up to a G cup. Let’s go to the Pros.


  • Fuller Underwired Cup
  • Seamless- completely smooth under clothing
  • Light padding gives the breasts a great natural rounded shape
  • Sides and tops of the cup are slimming and minimize bulge
  • Wide center front for amazing lift and separation
  • Nice smooth Back Band
  • Adjustable straps
  • Durable material


  • The fuller cup may limit what you can wear
  • The straps are not fully adjustable and can be slightly wider to carry more weight.

I think this is a great comfortable everyday bra, women can be pleased about.

# 1 Freya Idol Underwire Molded Balcony T-Shirt Bra


This Balconette Bra is a great option for women with more hustle in their day. This Freya Idol bra is so sturdy and it definitely keeps the ‘girls’ in place and secure. The Freya Idol is totally seamless and the design is subtle but very nice. I will say for a lady that is a UK 32 HH, this bra slims me and is quite comfortable. Just remember, Freya uses UK sizing, so if you need any help, click here for their conversion chart. This bra runs up to HH cup size.


  • Medium Coverage Bra- Makes it a great everyday bra
  • Seamless
  • Smooth outer lining, which makes it invisible under clothing
  • Mold gives naturally round shape
  • Lightweight
  • Slimming sides- stops you from looking so “full”
  • Stylish design
  • Durable material
  • Smooth Back Band
  • Fully adjustable straps


  • Straps need to be wider to help support the weight of the breasts
  • Back Band needs to have 3 hook and eyes to help with weight distribution

This is my favorite durable, sexy, and classy everyday bra.


All of these bras are great options if you are looking for that nice molded or lightly padded, smooth bra that gives you great lift and support. T-shirt bras are a great possession to have if you want that invisible look under your clothes. I tried to cover all the bases and provide great options for everyone, given taste, style and comfort. Full Coverage, Plunge or Medium Coverage/ Balconette are amazing options for you to cater to your specific needs.

I remember the days when I wore T-Shirt Plunge Bras every day. Ohhhh, those were the days of recognizing that my breasts are assets :). But I got away with wearing them because they were comfortable, dependable and sexy. They do give you a good boost in confidence. Everything I needed to make my day work.

Take a closer look at the T- Shirt Bras above and see which one(s) are for you!

Tell me about your choice in the comments below or shoot me an email at

Until next time Ladies, See Ya!


  1. Thank you for these options you have given us. Yeah, there are two brands that I really like from the five you have in this list. But I have decided to go with Wacoal Basic Beauty. What I like the most of them is that the sides and tops of the cup are slimming and minimize bulge. Great to wear for everyday life.

    1. Hey Ann,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you found something for you among that great list. I also like your choice, that is why it made my top 5. I agree with the slimming and minimizing of bulge with the Wacoal, especially if you have a larger bustline. None better than those words ‘slimming and minimizing’ LOL. 

      Thanks for your insight and opinion, I really appreciate it. 

      Are there any other topics that you would like to see on Let me know in the comments or you can email me as well.



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