Sleepwear Bras for Large Bust

Sleepwear Bras for Large Bust

Hey Divas,

Hope everyone is trying their absolute hardest to stay safe during this Pandemic. It’s crazy out there, but I know you got it covered.


I’m gonna start by saying I haven’t found anything to sleep in comfortably for a while. You know I’m on this journey with you even though I’ve had my challenges and my experiences. However, I have been thinking about sleepwear. Currently I sleep without a bra, quite freeing I tell you, but sometimes it can get a bit uncomfortable. Let me tell you how.

I shift a lot at night, I think I make my boyfriend a little miserable sometimes :(, as I sleep mostly on my sides, so constantly moving from side to side has my ‘girls’ swinging literally. Gals with heavy breasts feel my discomfort, especially with the weight shift in that constant movement.

Ok that being said, what would I require in a Sleepwear Bra?

What is a Sleepwear Bra?

Ya know it is pretty much what the name says, but its just a nice comfortable bra to wear to sleep. Now living in a gorgeous island where a lot of persons vacation, I will ask you to take my word for it when it comes to being a hot ass country. Well now is nice and cool as we are getting some of that lovely cold air from the north. However, sleeping in as little clothes as possible is the height of fashionnnnnnnn!!!!! For me that is, Ha! Some nights are so hot, I totally recommend 100% cotton sheets and a fan blowing on high.

So the concept of wearing more clothing than necessary, is like swallowing one of those big pills. Am I trying to convince myself???!!!


Ladies, after explaining my “living” situation, I don’t that I need to emphasize that material type will become or should be important.

I am also thinking about women who have come to that certain phase in life, ya know where heat comes and goes in a ‘flash’. My mum is there right now and it looks like a trial. However, I don’t know if its just me, but I wonder if sometimes that phase is with us now so we may better understand what a hot flash is?! Sheesh!

Ok so I have seen some Sleepwear bras in stores made of polyester and they look soooo amazing I almost bought one. I stopped myself gals cause of the material; its just not breathable. I do recommend cotton/ cotton blend or another natural fiber that keeps you cool. Silk, (ooooohhh, aaahhhhhh) now I’m dreaming of a lottery winning LOL. Do you think that material would make a difference in a cold climate? I still it should be breathable regardless of climate.

Is lace ok? Divas, what do you think? My thinking is it has to be that soft lace, not that itchy kind that makes you feel like you’re in an ants nest. Ya know which one I mean right?! That which has you scratching the ‘girls’ in the middle of the night lace. No way! We don’t need that in our lives. I actually won’t mind nice soft lace that’s stretchy to accommodate my ‘girls’.


As I’m going through the internet and looking at the Sleepwear Bras, I see a lot of persons recommending Sports Bras. Now what I understand a Sports Bra to be is to offer firm support for any additional high level activities. If you need a better and more detailed comprehension of a Sports Bra and its functions, I refer you to a previous post-: Are You Looking For A Sports Bra?

While I sleep, I don’t think I engage in Sporting activities, although maybe I should’ve worn one based on the dream I had- me taking part in a Crossfit Competition. ROFL. That made me sweat laughing!!!!! Now a Sports Bra is supposed to compress the breasts to the chest to have less movement. I do agree I want less movement when sleeping, but I don’t think the ‘girls’ need to be compressed anymore, as I do enough of that to my bed!!! I don’t know that I will ever recommend a Sports Bra for sleeping as there are other options.

The fit on the Sports Bra is way too snug for my comfort level. It is also not lightweight and if you are trying to get me to give up my luxury of sleeping in nothing, then that won’t happen. If I’m to sleep in something, it must be comfortable, breathable and lightweight (barely there). I don’t want the ‘girls’ to think they can go on an excursion while I sleep on my side or back, but I also don’t want them to think I’m committing them to a mental health institution in a straight jacket!!!!

By The Way

Oh I almost forgot. A Sleepwear Bra should NEVER have Underwire. NEVER!!! If anyone tells you otherwise,

just breathe and walk away. SMH

When purchasing a Sleepwear Bra, try getting as close to your regular bra size as possible. Band size is important, refer to Bra Size: Know Your Measurements post. Make sure it isn’t too tight. Straps should either be wide or just really comfortable, nothing to dig into your shoulders.

Now, Ladies with a large bust line, when looking for Sleepwear Bras, you should searching for one that separates the ‘girls’, especially if you sleep on your back or sides. I know your breasts are a twin, but I’m sure they can do with a little “me” time.


Ladies, breathability, Comfort and Functionality are the key things to look for when going to invest in a Sleepwear Bra. We need to feel like we aren’t wearing anything or at least forget that we have something on. I do see quite a bit of Sleepwear Bras online and I can’t wait to purchase one based on the above criteria and do a full review for you at a later date.

Here’s my email Let me know what you think. What’s your criteria for Sleepwear Bras? And if you have found any, which ones are worth looking into?

Thanks again for stopping by Ladies. Stay safe!

Elevate, Stand Proud and Glow!


  1. THIS IS AN AMAZING FANFIC HOLY HECK I LOVE IT SO MUCH I REREAD IT IMMEDIATELY!!! Much as I love your website for it’s amazing colours and uniqueness, I actually find this article very hepful. It’s actually great to know this even when you might not be a woman not to talk of having big bust. Thanks once again for sharing.

    1. Thank you sooooo much. I am so happy I can be of assistance. And yes even though you are a man, you have a wife, mum, sister, aunt, daughter, friend ya know who can use this information!!! Thanks so much for the insight. 

  2. Hi there!  Nice article! Its a good thing I stumbled on this!  Thanks for taking time to share this. I never knew sleepwear bras aren’t supposed to have underwire, well now I do, I am definitely getting one of these! Thanks again. I will definitely share this with my friends. Kind regards. 

    1. Hi Virtue, 

      Yes girl, when I researched I saw this little golden nugget of information of no underwire! I am happy I can help. You can view all the other posts there and share with your friends too. Thanks so much for your comments. 

  3. Great Article, finally I get to read something that can assist me with those uncomfortable and sweaty nights.

    I prefer my girls on cotton bra, just because i believe cotton is more breathable so your summer night are more easy less hot.

    Are the sports bra for girls with small breast?

    Thanks Again for sharing your ideas!

    1. Hey Ana65,

      I am glad I can help. Those hot sweaty nights are something I go through for about 6 months out of every year living in the Caribbean, so I do understand the importance of materials for total comfort.

      Cotton is best and the most breathable, as it is a natural fiber. Good for you for choosing the best material! 

      The Sports Bras I have posted about mostly focus on ladies with a large bustline. However, the principles apply for anyone of any size. Don’t discount what you should be looking for in the Sports Bra, they remain the same for every lady.

      I really appreciate you taking your time to respond to my post. Thanks and come again!


  4. Hi Jasmay, 

    You named it! I also have that habit of moving from side to side while sleeping. Having difficulty to breathe even though my BP is normal.

    I used to sleep bra less but I feel awkward thinking of any immediate need to attend to. It takes time for me to wear my bra having this physical disability.

    I haven’t been that too choosy for my bra’s category when purchasing. As long as I like the design, price and there is a size available for me, I buy it.

    Thanks for sharing the benefits of sleepwear bra. I will choose the category that I want based on purpose of using. Sleepwear bra would be on the list.

    1. Hi Rose,

      So sorry for not responding sooner. Girl, the challenges are very real for a lot of us. I am so glad I can help. Yes, definitely look into a little bit more detail when purchasing a bra, cause of the additional comfort that goes with getting the correct bra.

      Have a good one Rose.



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