Push Up Bras for Large Breasts: Do We Even Need Them?!

Push Up Bras for Large Breasts: Do We Even Need Them?!

Hiiiii All,

Now for a girl with a large bustline, I don’t even know if this topic is an oxymoron or not. LOL. However, as the title says ‘ Push Up Bras for Large Breasts’, do we actually need them? It took me a while to think about this topic, kept going back and forth with it. I then had an experience that brings this topic straight to you.


I went into my capital city with the intention of buying a bra at my favorite Bra store. My girl was there to offer her usual impeccable assistance. She has such great knowledge, I can sit there all day and watch her work. Anyway, I tried on a couple of bras and they as my mum said “did nothing for me!” But what does that mean, “do nothing”. I mean, they all fit me well, but each time mum shrugged her shoulder and said “ehh!” Gals, I even put my shirt back on and I got the same response from her. So I’m asking “why Mummy?” ( I still call her mummy, ain’t I cute 🙂 ) Mummy says “doesn’t give any lift, the ‘girls are just there.” Now I know whichever one I purchased would’ve been a good choice, but I stood looking into mirror for a while and ended up agreeing with mum. No lift to shout about. Now which bra provides lift Ladies?! You’ve got it, the Push Up!

What Are You?

What is a Push Up Bra? Well in my definition a Push Up is a bra that is padded to enhance cleavage. It is different from a Molded Bra as the mold is not padded. Are you asking me what’s wrong with a little lift? Guess what, Not one thing! However, ladies like me with a bustline over DD+ must watch out for that padding.

Gals with a smaller bust like a B or C cup don’t have to worry so much. Here is why we have to be mindful with the padding. The padding is built into the Push Up bra. I know you may be saying “And?!” But let me explain. Push Up bras have different Levels of padding built in. I bet you didn’t know that, huh! The padding sits in the bottom of the cup and curves upward and to the sides of the bra. Here is how your breasts look in a Push Up Bra.

Should I Be Bothered By That?

Why should I care about these Levels Jasmay? Now that’s a great question. The padding goes higher in the cup as the Level goes up.

Level 1– The lowest Level of padding sits in the bottom of the cup and offers the least amount of ‘push’.

Level 2– The second Level is layered over Level 1 padding and starts to curve up the outer side of the cup. This padding has a bit more projection than Level 1.

Level 3– The third Level has the most projection and the padding goes highest in the cup from the bottom and curves the sides of the bra.

Side view of a Push Up Bra and the Levels.

By now, you guessed which one is for us. Yup, you’ve guessed it, Level 1! Gals, I did the research so you don’t have to and the level of padding affects the fit and wear of the bra. Looking out for that padding is becoming quite important, yea?

Tell Me Why!

I will give you a scenario and we can go from there. You see this gorgeous Push Up bra online and you fell in love with it. Instantly, you look and found your size and just purchased it. Awesome!! You are soooo excited when it arrives because you have this sexy low cut dress that you have to wear it with. Trying it on now, but low and behold it doesn’t fit! ‘The Girls’ are overflowing and all over the place, coming out the top and the sides. OMG!!! Now listen, you are actually trying to push and shove those ‘girls’ back in, but nothing works, the slightest movement shakes them out again. ARRRGGGHHH! Aren’t you just upset and totally frustrated with all that pushing and shoving. Are you now looking at that sexy dress and wondering if its tight enough across the bust to keep the ‘girls’ squeezed in to limit movement?! (that’s what I would be wondering).

Are you blaming yourself, the designer, whoever for this ill-fitting bra? I mean you did your due diligence right? Checking out size and reviews and everything. I will tell you not to blame anyone. Why? It’s because the level of padding affecting the fit isn’t common knowledge. Now I will also say that you can’t actually see the level of padding from photos online when checking out the Push Up Bras.

What Should I Do?

A lot of persons say you shouldn’t have any spillage. But I will tell you spillage comes from buying your regular bra size for Push Up. I would not do that, and here is why:

1. With the padding inside the cup of the bra, there is going to be push, however slight it may look. This will cause spillage from the sides and tops of the bra.

2. Molded Bras are machine made with very specific shaping. It conforms the breasts to that shape and that shape can be very exact. What if you are a fuller G cup, bordering on a double G, purchasing a G cup in a Molded bra may give you spillage.

Now depending on how full the tops of your breasts are, you may have to go up a full cup size for a Push Up bra. I’m a UK 32H and I purchase a 32HH in Push Up. It fits like a dream! If you aren’t as full at the tops of the ‘girls’, ya know maybe they are a bit on the softer side, then look out for the Balconette Push Up, as it cuts lower than the regular Push Up. This one gives you a fuller look. Click here for more information about Molded Cup.

The rest of the Bra rules apply, comfortable band and straps. No digging allowed whatsoever. Just be mindful that straps on a Push Up Bra are a bit thinner than regular straps. OK?!

Here’s a good look at the Perfect Primer Push Up Bra from Wacoal- America


I hope I was a great telepath and answered the questions that popped into your head. Be reminded of two things when buying that great Push Up Bra: The level of Padding and the Cup size which affects fit.

If you have anymore questions or there is anything you wish to share, please either leave a comment or send me an email at jasmaygrace@brasandthegirls.com. I will respond as best as I can, I promise. 🙂

Until next time, Ciao!



  1. Very interesting topic.

    Through the years I had noticed different amounts of padding in pushup bras but didn’t realize it was different levels.

    I thought it was just different manufacturers so thanks for clearing that up.

    Admittedly I was disappointed with a pushup because of the spillage you mentioned in your article and I am only a C cup. I can’t even imagine the trouble you larger busted women must face.

    Again I was unaware I should have gone up a size in a pushup, thanks for that little gem as well.

    We all want one thing out of a bra and that is to support our girls and help them look their best, this brings me to my question.

    What type of bra would you recommend for a 50+ women C cup woman.

    Is a pushup still appropriate or is there something more suited to the mature woman?

    I do not consider myself old and am more active than many who are half my age so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      I am so glad I can help you out with those lovely golden nuggets! That is the purpose of this site, to help wherever I can no matter what size. I do help ladies with a larger cup size because it is so much harder to find great looking, sexy and comfortable bras. Trust me I know this from experience!

      On to your question about if a Push up is for you? I think it is! 

      I say this because with age, the tops of the girls will start to get a bit soft and sag more than before. The push up reverses that effect and makes you look young and full. Another alternative is the lovey Balconette Bra for that nice lift and full look as well. Just remember comfort is key, but so is feeling sexy and confident under your clothes! My mum is over 50 as well and the Balconette and Push up bras are what her bra drawer is made up of at this stage in her life. 

      I hope I helped you and any other questions you have, please feel free to leave a comment or email at anytime.

      Here’s the link for all details about the Balconette Bra, https://brasandthegirls.com/br…  Enjoy!



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