Plunge Vs Full Coverage: Is One Better for Large Busts?

Plunge Vs Full Coverage: Is One Better for Large Busts?

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Where To Start

Now are you looking at the title and wondering which one is actually better, or are you saying “I think both are great!” Well I’m here to give you the details of both types of bras for large breasts.

There are so many types of bras out there, that sometimes not knowing which one goes with which outfit can not only be a struggle, but a disaster for a great night out.

I mean it can be as bad as wearing a gorgeous pair of spike heels to an event on a lawn. Like who does that?! Every girl knows that if you are gonna wear a heel to that type of event, it has to be a really sexy wedge heel. Sigh! Our ‘girls’ sometimes makes it hard for us to totally blend in, so we should not be making it worse by wearing the incorrect style of bra for the outfit.

We are here to build confidence and feel safe and sexy by making the correct underwear choices. So let’s get into it.

Cover Up Or Show Off

I’m going to try to give you my definitions of both bras. LOL. Here goes.

A Full Coverage Bra is as it says, full coverage, which means it completely covers the entire breast tissue. No part of the bust is left out. With these bras, you get total support, as the material of the bra is usually quite stretchy. What is also important to note is the heavy-duty underwire in this type of bra for the best support possible. These bras also come with a wider than normal strap to aid with the support of the bra.

A Plunge Bra does exactly what the name says, it plunges you into the abyss of the ‘girls’. LOL, was that too much?? OK, OK, I’m still snickering though. OK serious now. A Plunge Bra gives you a lot of cleavage. It is designed to give you a “pushed up” look. The ‘girls’ are pushed together and up and sometimes, well most of the time make your breasts look bigger, as it has that lifting effect.

Pros: What’s Good Here?

Full Coverage Bras:

  • Comfort– These bras give you the most comfortable fit for large breasts.
  • Support– Reinforced sides and heavy-duty underwire. They usually keep the ‘girls’ well shaped without being tight.
  • Coverage– Elimination of Boob spillage. The higher neckline of the bra usually stops breasts from falling out. They give the maximum coverage and that is needed for large busted girls like us.
  • Smooth Lines– Creation of clean, smooth lines under your clothes.

Minimizer bras may be a great option as a Full Coverage Bra. Click here for more details in another post.

Plunge Bras:

  • Lift– The amazing ‘push up’ quality as the ‘girls’ are brought together and lifted upward.
  • Deep V Neckline– This gives ladies a very flattering cut that enhances the bust-line. This style usually goes great with your low-cut tops and dresses.
  • Less Underwire– Ladies who find underwire uncomfortable can wear plunge bras as the underwire doesn’t cut as high up to press on the breastbone.
  • Sexy– This bra builds confidence within yourself and makes you feel very attractive and sexy. When you see your ‘girls’ in the mirror you should be blown away by how sexy they look.

Cons: Is It That Bad?!

Full Coverage Bras:

  • Long Distance Relationship– a good bra doesn’t have to squish our big breasts together, but they don’t have to make a long distance call either. These bras tend to spread your bust apart and gives us a wide look. Typically, I go with a 2 finger distance between the breast, as that is my maximum preference, however, women also use 3 fingers because they may have a wider- set chest.
  • Gaping– If ladies have saggy breasts, then the full coverage bra cup tends to have a little gaping at the top of the bra. As I said before, this type of bra covers all the breast tissue, so if you find that your ‘girls sag a little, your bra won’t look as full and has some space. You don’t get that full breast or ‘pushed up’ look.
  • Styles– Most Full Coverage bras have very basic designs, almost like something my grandma wears. I find it makes for a boring bra unless it has other elements like the push up padding in the cup, or a vertical seam line on the front side of the bra. However, without those elements, you will a very basic retro style.

Plunge Bras:

  • Fall out– With the cut of this bra, having our boobs fall out is very possible. Sometimes, a simple jostle can cause a shift and you don’t feel as secure. If you were to hold over and you aren’t wearing the correct size bra, trust me it can be more than a little embarrassing to be constantly reaching inside your clothes to adjust your breasts.
  • Doesn’t Go with every Outfit– The cut of the bra can give you a very stuffed look depending on the type of outfit you may wear. I find this stuffed look happens a lot in the buttoned up blouses. Sometimes, I felt like a stuffed pig from the medieval times, and yes you can feel that way, stuffed.
  • Everyday Wear? Nope– ladies let’s talk about the amount of sweating we do between our breasts. It can get ridiculous, and having a bra that keeps the ‘girls’ together like conjoined twins, leads to way less breathe ability. After an entire day in a plunge bra on a hot day can give you an odor and we don’t want that.

Decision Made?

After all the details, have you made a decision on which one is better? I mean on one hand you get the security a lady with big breast crave but on the other hand you want to feel sexy going about your day.

I don’t think any one of them is better than the other. I think to conclude this post, we have to decide that they both serve different purposes and we should have both types of bras in our possession. It’s important to understand the pros and the cons and to make the wisest choice of bra in our everyday goings.

I trust I was helpful to you gals. Leave a comment and let me know if you have an everyday preference or just to advise us on your thoughts.

And remember Ladies: Elevate, Stand Proud and Glow in your radiance!


  1. Once again, I love this website and its quirkiness! I love it’s honest, no nonsense approach to life. I would have to say that I would have to go with full coverage though. I have tried the plunge so many times and it is just not for me. I feel super self conscious and that my boobs are absolutely huge. I like to try and minimize them where possible!

    1. Sofia, 

      Girl, plunge can give you best of times and the worst of times. LOL. There was a stage in my life where all I wore was Plunge, only for the way it made me feel. I’m older now and it has become my “occasion” bra. Full coverage is nice and comfortable for everyday wear, given the new seam lines and straps and funky designs.

      Hey have you been peeping into my brain about Minimizing the ‘girls’?

      Your girl Jasmay. 🙂 


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