Minimizer Bras Review: Any Good for Large Breasts?

Minimizer Bras Review: Any Good for Large Breasts?

Hey Girls,

I wanted to talk about Minimizer Bras and if they are any good for ladies with large breasts.

Firstly, let me apologize for not publishing any sooner. I wasn’t feeling very well, and it got so busy, it was unbelievable. I felt and still feel awful about leaving you alone without any content. But I’m here now, and ready to help any way I can.

Now I don’t know about you gals but persons always told me ” girl your breasts are huge!!!”. Actually I still find people telling me that. But they continue to say “have you ever thought about getting a reduction?” The answer to that is a resounding yes!

This was especially prevalent in my teens, when I was getting all that creepy unwanted attention. If you’ve been with me from the start, then you know I had to come to love myself, especially my boobs.  I used to think about having smaller breasts all the time, but I never ventured to find out about the actual process of Breasts Augmentation.

I finally found out! Let me just say that I don’t think it’s for me. Kudos to those who got it done, because I cannot imagine your state of mind weighing the pros and cons against what you were going through. Is this a topic you would like me to expand on in another post? Hit me up with an email.

So if a Breast Reduction isn’t for me, what is the next best thing?

Smaller ‘Girls’?!

A great person did the unthinkable and made a bra that reduced the look of large breasts. Listen I think they’re a genius!!!

So what is the general purpose of the Minimizer Bra? As I said above, this bra a.k.a Mini (love that nick name I just came up with), is to reduce the effect of larger breasts. But does it actually work? I looked and found a general consensus that the minimizer actually does, sometimes by 1 1/2 inches. Dammmmnnn, that’s serious Ladies.

But I know you must be asking “how Jasmay, how?”

Reducing the look or what I like to say is “giving the impression” of having a smaller bustline does come in handy. Minimizer bras are supposed to be made from one piece of sturdy, non stretch (or stretchy) material which helps shape and define the cups of the bra. The Mini compresses the breasts to the chest wall reducing the forward projection.

Ya know what I mean yea, the ‘girls’ aren’t in everyone’s face as much. LOL

Will It Hurt?

So is this redistribution of breast tissue comfortable?

Listen Gals, that whole phrase is just awkward, it sounded painful. So it had me wondering about comfort. Please understand that sometimes style is not on the top of the list for some Minimizer manufacturers, but comfort is. Wide straps and full coverage cups are keys to comfort in this bra.

Some of these bras come without underwire, which is a good thing, cause the basis of the bra is compression. So, if you find a Mini that fits with the right compression, without being painful, all without underwire, I say Brilliant!!!

However, if underwire is the only option you have, then I say let us see how comfortable it is the longer you wear it. I have two Minimizer bras, both do their jobs, both have underwire but only one offers me long wearing comfort.

The uncomfortable one’s band is way too tight especially as the Minimizer is to be a tad more snug than the regular bra. I like the results of the bra, so I am thinking to buy another one (exact brand), but I will go up a band size to see if that eases the discomfort.

I do love the comfortable one cause I can go all day in that. Lots of activities happen in that bra and it has also become my “almost” daily bra. Check out a previous post about Underwire or No Underwire.

My One and Only?!

Should I have a Minimizer as my Daily Bra?

I think this is a great question, cause if you find a good one, it can become your daily bra. However, some Minimizers are not as good for you as we would like to think.

Some of these Minimizers just flatten or squash your boobs to give the illusion of smaller breasts, and that is unhealthy. The pressure applied can not only make you uncomfortable but can cause permanent damage to the breast tissue over time. Are you like me, not liking the sound of that?!

I would say pay close attention to the fit. They usually fit the same way, just look out for what I mentioned above. I won’t say its a bad thing to wear a Minimizer bra daily, what I would say is to pay attention to how long, how many hours you are in the bra. This is what I do. If I wore the Mini today, after a long hard day at my job or errands, I do not wear it the next day. I give my ‘girls’ a break from that shape and “distribution”. That’s my way!


Going daily hinges on comfort and fit and how many hours you tend to be the good bra. It does reduce the look of our large breasts and that’s a good thing. I know I promote acceptance of what we are blessed with and all that jazz, but sometimes our mind needs a break. Understanding that the Minimizer bra does not reduce the actual size of our breast, then we can go forward feeling less overwhelmed with the volume of our ‘girls’ some days. Having this option is great and I know if you haven’t tried it as yet, you know you should!

I trust this is a good review in terms of helping you to understand the basics of the Minimizer bra. I promise to come back to this at a later date with the visual review of some highly favored Minimizer bras.

Tell me what you think about the topic and your experience Ladies.

Elevate, Stand Proud and Glow!!!!! Caio Bellas!


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    That is a very wonderful piece you shared there and it will be extremely helpful to ladies.i am just hearing about the minimizers bras after coming across this review and I’m really glad I got to know about it. It will really be superb fro ladies with big breast and I’m sure they would love it.


  3. Reading though this post opened my eyes to a lot of things which I never thought of, thanks a lot for this enlighten post. This is really the first time am hearing about the minimizer bra as a guy,  I don’t really love the idea, cause I love it  big.  But I guess it will be good for workout. 


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