Convertible/ Multiway Bras For Big Bust: A Must?

Convertible/ Multiway Bras For Big Bust: A Must?

Hi again!

Oh, how I wish to have a great multipurpose bra for large bust in my arsenal. I think I will be the Queen of my Universe. Having all options of clothing styles at my disposal? Are those statements and questions that go through your mind at some time or the other? I will admit they do go through mine. I do have a multi way bra but it’s not the best fitted one. So sometimes I wonder if to laugh or cry at myself.

However, as I continue on this journey with you, research has me pausing to ask an important question. Did we make our lives hard by not having the right bras in our drawer or is the industry now paying attention to ladies with breasts larger than a DD+? Listen gals, I think it’s the latter. We see a lot of different types of bras in sizes up to DDD and they think that’s really big. But what about us whose size is way past that? I know it can be a challenge. Well I went to my bra store recently to discover that I was about to buy over a bra I had already purchased from them, all because of their limited supply. I’m still not quite sure how to feel about that. I didn’t think about it for too long lest I depress myself.

So the idea of a convertible bra seems like a saving grace in our supply of bras no?! Let’s delve into the specifics, shall we?

So What Is It?

A Multi Way or Convertible Bra is one that helps you wear those tricky designed clothing with having the straps showing but still have them be supportive. They usually have straps that can be moved around into different positions on the bra. The hooks are sometimes all over the bra to easily place the straps where needed.

But do they really help Ladies like us? DO they actually work for Large Bust? Can they stand up for the time we need them to, without making us uncomfortable? Let me tell you what I found.

Mobility Is Key

Removable Straps are key to Multi Way Bras. They need to be able to come off completely. Now I’ve seen some bras that only have removable straps at the back. It’s not the worse, however, I think this is limited in the wearing of many styles of clothing. Only racer backs or cross backs dresses or blouses can be worn, although they are some really cute ones out there. These types of bras are very hard to find in this market of full convertible bras, but if you have one, don’t throw it away at all.

Ladies, don’t think to throw away any bras you may have right now, whether they are doing their job or not. As I have said before, it’s only now that designers are looking in our direction so our supply is still quite limited. They all serve a great purpose. Don’t be like me and purchase a bra and wear the ass out of it!!! I really need to stop that, smh.


1 Bra Many Ways

So the thought process behind this is you can easily have 1 bra convert to the uses of many. Let’s take a moment to thank this genius for all they have done for us (Applaud). 🙂 Next time I decide to go on a vacation, whenever that will be with all of this Covid-19, I no longer need to carry 3 to 4 different bras, as one can do all of their jobs combined. I like the idea of that.

Let’s talk about those great options now and I will say a little something about each.

  1. Regular Bra

    – Isn’t it amazing that you can buy a Convertible bra and still wear it as a regular bra?! I think it is. What I also find good is you can fit it like a regular bra.

  2. Strapless Bra– Having a Strapless Bra is an essential part of every woman’s drawer. It gives us the freedom to wear whatever. Check out a previous post on the finer details of a Strapless Bra.
  3. Halter Bra
    – Being able to hook a strap around my neck to wear my back out is lovely. I remember having a Halter neck top that my mum made for me to wear to a school show in my teens. ‘The Girls’ sitting high and my back out?! I still don’t think I can express how sexy I felt at that age, especially going with my teenie bopper boyfriend. LOL
  4. Racer/ CrossBack

    – I love those cute little tops that have those cross straps in the back. I don’t ever wear them though (don’t ask). But If you ever come across any, purchase them, cause now you can cross the straps in the back of the bra and look so cute.

  5. One Shoulder (Cold Shoulder)

    – Oh man…listen Ladies, I totally love those sexy one shoulder dresses you wear to formal occasions. Do you know what I mean, the timeless, classic, elegant dresses? Now the pro with this is you can wear one strap or both straps, it all depends on how high the neckline cuts or for added support.

  6. Invisible Back

    – Some bras convert by removing the back strap to put on an invisible or clear one. If you do have to wear a lower back but don’t feel totally comfortable with a lower back bra or without that support, then this option is for you. It’s the “I’m here but not here” look.


Don’t think you can automatically throw away all of your ‘ole faithful’ bras because you have a Multi Way Bra. The Cons of this type of bra are few but important.

Comfort and Fit. These are soooo important to ladies like us. If I can’t be comfortable in it then I’m not wearing it, no matter how nice it makes me look. I will be totally miserable. So we are going to delve into the fact fitting a Strapless is hard. How does it feel? We have to be so mindful of how it fits, as this determines if that type of convertible bra relies heavily on you wearing the straps with it all the time. Is it digging into your rib cage? Are your ‘girls’ riding low or sagging? Ladies these are the incorrect ways to wear that type of bra.

Availability. Sigh. I don’t know ladies. I am hoping that sometime soon we will have a wider variety, with sexy styles and more availability for ladies with breasts larger than DDD. I know they are some sites which offer nice things but its either not in our size or its priced so far out, it is depressing.

The Bright Side

Options, Options, Options. They are endless. You have many options while wearing a Convertible/ Multi Way Bra. You can go entirely strapless or add the straps to suit your outfit. Let’s imagine that you went into your favourite store and the clerk brings out that gorgeous dress that’s OMG to die for. Are you going to leave it (well I mean price will play a role also, but outside of that), given that you have just learnt how great a convertible bra is now? Tell me, how will you wear it? Leave a comment.


Elevate, Stand Proud & Glow Ladies!!! Have a good one.

Jasmay Grace


  1. It’s great to have a bra that can pull double (or triple) duty and work with a wide variety of styles. I find that I rarely have a need for a strapless or halter bra, and it seems like a waste to spend so much money on something that doesn’t get used very often. A convertible multi-use bra is the most perfect solution for comfort and versatility!

    1. Hi Aly,

      Thanks so much for your comments. I totally agree with you, the money we spend on bras can be reduced if we purchase a couple of convertible bras. The versatility you can’t compete with, having all of those options. 

      I really appreciate you. Thanks.



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