Changes In Breast Size: What’s The Best Bra?

Changes In Breast Size: What’s The Best Bra?

Hey Ladies, Jasmay again. I hope all is well.

So I spent a couple of days just scrolling the internet, ya know looking for great material to bring to you. I came across a really great article on WomensMag.Life and a part of that post really spoke to me: Body Changes That Influence Breast Size. I mean no one ever speaks about this, especially when talking about bras.

Are you asking if it matters? Well to me it does, because during those times of our body changes, we still need to feel secure despite the discomfort and misery. Who needs the ‘girls’ popping out of our bras when we are going through the changes. It’s unfair, I know.

In this post, we are going to talk about those changes to our gorgeous bodies, how they make us feel and what type of bras we should wear during those times. If we can apply this knowledge, it will go a long way to alleviating our stress.

Body Changes

The most common change we have in breast size starts from puberty. Yup, you guessed it, the pesky menstrual cycle. I swear, my period has to be the bane of my existence every month. According to a post on Bustle, written by Lara Rutherford-Morrison, the menstrual cycle affects the body in a number of ways:

  • cramps
  • sore breasts
  • headaches
  • acne outbreaks

Also in that article, she talks about weird things that happen to us as well. Great quirky read! Check it out.

These changes affect our day to day operations. Some days my cramps are so bad, I can’t move from my bed, and that seems to be a somewhat common thing among ladies. Other times, I’m the most miserable person in the entire world. My boyfriend goes ” yup you are on your period, so I’m going to check you later, peace!” Can you gals relate? How do your husbands or boyfriends relate to your misery? Anyway, it works best for both of us honestly.

It’s only recently I’ve learnt to combat some of my cramping pains; I increase my salt intake leading up to and during my cycle. I don’t over salt my food, I just eat more salty snacks 😉 😉 and it works for me most of the time. Other times you know you can’t avoid the situation that makes you feel worse, just do what is best for you.

Tired Much

Meanwhile, the headache is raging, the flow is heavy and you are soooooo tired. Talk about moving at snail’s pace?! Are you tired from the time your cycle starts or does that tiredness creep up on you during that time?

I remember telling my auntie, who is a registered nurse, about my fatigue during my period. She told me to increase my iron intake naturally. By naturally she meant eat foods high in iron, such as red meat (which I love), dark green and leafy foods (e.g spinach), seafood and peas and beans. She said it will help to increase red blood cells and that will relieve some fatigue. Man does she know her stuff!

According to, these foods help to increase oxygen to the blood and reduce the fatigue. Take a look at that post, as it also offers other methods to combat period tiredness.

It Weighs On Me

The article goes on to mention other body changes that affect breast size. Weight is one of them. Weight gain is the kicker and we know this topic well. This definitely affects breasts size. The more weight you gain, eventually the bigger your breasts become.

When I say I know this topic well, I mean I do because it’s true for me. Mind you, I’m not a fitness girl and I’ve been putting on some weight over the years. It’s not intentional, just me not paying attention, well until the doctor says ” OK Jasmay, you are way over the weight I need you to be, time to lose some of it!” I’m definitely paying attention now yea?! If you are in this situation, know that is not too late and it never is, where your health is concerned. I have started the gym and my mantra is ‘slow and steady wins’.

The thing about my weight gain is it hasn’t affected my band size. From the time I started wearing a bra, I have been a 32 band. The cup size is a whole other story. I currently wear a 32HH and that has been holding steady for about 4 years now. However, before that, I practically jumped from 32G to a 32H in a flash, missing 32GG like it wasn’t even there. Sigh. I remember my University days, where I started out a 32DD but by the time I finished my 4 years, I wore a 32F. SMH

Lose It

The same can be said about Weight Loss. For my entire life (note I said “my”), my mother has been wearing a 36C. A few years ago, she decided to lose some weight, no exercise, just dieting. She now wears a 32F. I think that is an amazing body and breast change, don’t you?

So you see how these few body changes affect us throughout our lives, crazy. Click ‘How To Choose Your Bra’, to see the full post, where I get my reference from. It’s a great read gals.

Bras for Me

Ladies, how do you want feel during these body changes? Anything to annoy me will only make me more miserable. So I will start by sharing what bras I do not wear during my period. I don’t wear molded bras. With the increase in breasts size, they can not only be uncomfortable but you can spend an entire day putting the ‘girls’ back in. The muffin tops and side boob is incredible, especially if your increase is really significant.

I recommend wearing a soft cup bra or a lace bra. The reason for my suggestion is stretch. Stretch is your friend and highly important during this time. Don’t worry about stretching them out, they will hold. I tend to avoid a piped edged bra too, due to the tightness of the hold and I wear a lace finish.

My suggestions go further and say Balconette bras are best. Why? Wearing a Plunge bra without a very close-fitting top during fluctuation, almost guarantees spillage; and a Full Coverage leaves you with lines and muffin tops and side boob. None of these things are attractive under clothes. The in between baby, the balconette, gives you the coverage without the spill and accommodates the increase in breast size. For full details on Balconettes, click here for a previous post.

Take a look at this Balconette Bra I handpicked just for you from Wacoal- America, for those inconsistent times.


I trust this post was helpful for understanding why body changes have such an impact on breast size. Educating yourself is important, so from now on, just be conscious of those body changes and adjust your bras to suit. In the end, it will be one less thing to fuss over.

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Have a great one Bellas!


  1. I knew our body changed throughout the month. But I didn’t know it changed that much. Yes, it’s good to take this in consideration and use our bras accordingly.

    I have felt curious of this post you mentioned that Lara Rutherford-Morrison wrote. I’ll go check it out right now. Thank you for this interesting read.

    1. Yes Ann, 

      Isn’t it amazing how much our bodies go through every month? I am glad my post helped, as that is my purpose. Education is key and when knowledge is applied, we are all better for it.

      I appreciate your comments, I really do. Thanks.

      P.S It was quite interesting and quirky, which is great. Have fun!


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