Bras for Large Busts: Are Half Cups Unnecessary?!

Bras for Large Busts: Are Half Cups Unnecessary?!

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Based on the title, are you saying “huh, half cups??? For these ‘girls’???” Yea? Well don’t feel like I’m about to talk craziness cause I’m not. I’m actually going to enlighten you about the types of bras called Balconette or Demi.

Are we on the same page now?! Whew! LOL. Let’s get to understanding what a Balconette or Demi Bra is. This is a topic that confused me for a while because I thought they were one and the same bra, just with different names. Guess what? They aren’t. And the difference comes down to something as simple as necklines.

A Demi (french for half) Bra has more of a square neckline and gives way less coverage. It has its straps farther apart on the shoulders and gives you a push up effect.

A Balconette Bra has more of a sweetheart neckline and also gives less coverage. This bra however has its straps closer together, not only giving you a push up effect, but also gives more cleavage than the Demi.

Both bras expose more of the breasts’ tissue and offer way less coverage than Full Cup Bras.

I’m going to be talking about the Balconette Bra in this post mostly, just thought I should clarify the differences between the two bras.

Balconette Bras

Ladies with a fuller or a larger bust line tend to wear Balconette bras. That’s because even though it’s a half cup bra, it offers a tiny bit more coverage with its sweetheart neckline. On top of that, great support and great lift which brings the ‘girls’ up and forward. Doesn’t that sound amazing?! I certainly think so.

Let’s break down some lovely qualities, ok?!



Lower cut outfits with wider necklines will thank you for wearing a Balconette bra. Even though the straps don’t sit as wide on the shoulders as the Demi Bra, they certainly sit wider than the regular bra. This means your straps don’t show and sit soundly on your shoulders. It certainly makes me feel very secure, while ramping up my comfort level. Having ample support, especially for gals over DDD+ cup size is very important. If a sista don’t feel the bra is gonna hold me up, then that bra goes into File 13. Totally delisted.

Fit Me In

I will first explain how a Balconette Bra is supposed to fit. With most of the support coming from the band of the bra, the correct fit should always be of great importance for ladies with big bust. Let me just say that I’m usually horrified with seeing the back of the band, ya know the hook and eye part, riding high in a lady’s back. Ever seen a Bra band sitting in between a pair of lovely shoulder blades?! OMG. In a case like that, you would expect that the breasts’ sit high and mighty. Damn if it isn’t the complete opposite. Sigh. I’m actually getting a little upset about the injustice done to our ‘girls’ and ourselves as a whole. I think I’m more appalled at how many women do it. The correct band should sit horizontally around your body (rib cage), no riding up of any kind.

Most Balconettes come with Underwire and that underwire should sit flat against your rib cage. It must line up under your armpit on the outer side and then sit flat against the chest directly between the breasts’ on the inner. The’girls should be separated without any digging or poking.

There shouldn’t be any muffin top or side boob in these bras. But hey, isn’t that really annoying? If your Balconette is not fitting in the ways mentioned above, then you do not have the correct size.


Y’all know that particular SIGH, that lets you know you are on Cloud Nine? You know what I mean?

That’s because fabric can do that. Ahhhhhhh. Some of the fabrics made up on the Balconette Bra can feel as light as a feather. That barely there feel. I mean once you have the fit correct, you can focus on how it feels. Sometimes, these bras come in a sturdier fabric, it’s still soft, which I like. Another fabric that Balconettes come in, Lace. Listen, they are hitting it out of the park with the new age lace. It’s soft and stretchy, which holds the ‘girls’ really well and in a very flattering way.


I searched and searched and searched and searched, ok I think you get it LOL. Honestly, I really didn’t find any problems with this bra, especially for larger bust lines. I read reviews and everything!

The only thing I will say is this; when a Balconette fits poorly, it can be the most uncomfortable bra in life! Ye I know that was dramatic, hahahaha, but I think you get my meaning right? In other words, never have an ill fitting Balconette. It has everything to do with the specific placement of the Underwire and straps, then the cut of the cup. I can only imagine what kind of discomfort this brings. But it doesn’t have to Ladies! Check out my post on Measurement and Fit.

It’s Closing Time

Gals, I wear Balconettes all the time because they make me and the ‘girls’ feel very sexy. Once I discovered them, I realized my self-confidence increased, not only because of the growing and glowing compliments *wink*, but I got to wear more revealing necklines where the occasions warranted. And I did all of that without fear of sneezing! You can also wear this bra as a regular, as it gives you a great lift and rounds you out in the cup. Listen, it’s just an all- around really great bra. Take my word for it, I won’t lead you astray.

Follow the above guidelines laid out for when looking to purchase a Balconette Ladies, and you won’t go wrong.

Cheers to the Balconette!!!!!

Hey, hit me up in the comments and tell me what you think.

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  1. Wow I feel like I know so much more about bras than I ever did before. I can now use this information when it comes time to pick out a bra for my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. I am so lucky to have discovered this website showing many bra posts I can study up on. I also love the design and flow of this post. I love the detail you put into the article and I hope to see more posts like this one!

    Samuel Edelfelt
    1. Hey Samuel,

      I’m so glad I can help you out! My site is here to educate everyone and I am very appreciative that you will use your new found knowledge to surprise your girlfriend. She is one lucky gal! I can only hope there are more guys out there like you!

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