Hey Ladies!

If you are anything like me then you know the exact struggle I have when it comes to having a large bust and finding a good bra. But are those bras for Large Breasts actually out there?

Frustrated Much?

Listen I know, finding the right bra can be one of the biggest frustrations out there. I mean when you have ‘muffin tops’ or you’re constantly having to put the ‘girls’ back in the bra securely after a menial task. Like ‘Sigh’, so exasperating!!!

But let me tell you, when I found a bra I didn’t have to do any of that with…..it felt like Christmas and my birthday wrapped up in one!

A Past of Struggle

I’m going to tell you a bit about myself. From a very young age, I’ve had my ‘girls’ (they get their own name as they take on just as much as I do LOL).

My first ever bra was an English 32C, which is not a training bra as you well know. Having to wear a bra that size at the age of 12, hit my self-esteem so hard. I mean no one my age was wearing that size and all people saw when they looked at me where my breasts. At that time I was a pretty slim girl as well.

It was hard. I wore clothes to cover myself, so as to not draw any kind of attention to them and that ruled out some very fashionable outfits. My large breasts made me sad and started to depress me.

It took such a long time to love myself, especially my bust, but I’m proud to say that I love them now. 🙂

Let’s Talk Discomfort

Here’s a real life scenario for ya. You’re getting ready to go out and you’ve decided to wear your sneakers. As soon as you hold over to tie the laces, your boobs shift and are now trying to escape the bra. AAAARRRRGGGGHHH, isn’t that annoying?!

Or at the end of the day you have deep grooves and marks from the straps and band of the bra? Yea I know the pain and discomfort associated with wearing tight or small bras.

And so you ask me….

What is the “Right” Bra?

Well I know I certainly do not have the time to be fixing my big bust and bra all day long. That is tiring and embarrassing, although for us it can become second nature. Sigh

That being said, I went in search of the right bra for me. You probably want to know “what does the right bra look and feel like?”

I’m going to tackle the ‘look’ first. For me, a bra has to have three (3) things: it has to be Attractive, Pretty and Sexy! That’s the criteria a bra has to meet before I go any further with it.


If I do get to try it on, I ask myself “is this sexy enough to show off to my boyfriend?” Ha! Are you laughing or agreeing with me? Come on girls, some bras meet my criteria but when I try them on, they look like they came straight from my grandma’s undie drawer!!! Can’t have that now can I? I’m a young, hot and pretty thing!!!!

The right bra feels light and comfortable, like you are wearing nothing. No adjusting or fixing, straps that support (no digging) and cups that elevate the ‘girls’ without muffin tops or side boob. Check out this post to see what I mean.

It’s Time to Step Up

Ladies, I know the struggle is real and sometimes we have to sacrifice style for comfort. Honestly that is because we can get desperate for a bra and that’s understandable.

However, when we do find both style and comfort, we ought to do ourselves a great favor and buy them outright. We deserve to feel stylish and sexy under our clothes, standing proud and walking confidently. And that’s how I think a good bra can make us feel!

Does my journey sound familiar? What is the most difficult part of this ride for you? 

What does your criteria look like?

Leave your comments below or send an email to jasmaygrace@brasandthegirls.com

Jasmay Grace


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  1. Girl, I FEEL your struggle. I think I skipped straight over A and B cups. I definitely never wore a training bra LOL 

    I am now a 42DD and find most comfort from bras at Cacique. I currently work from home so I have to admit I’m mostly wearing sports bras now, but everyone once in a while when I go to leave the house it does feel good to put on a decent bra!


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