Hi All, it’s J Grace here again.

Today I want to follow on from the last article: Bras for Large Breasts; Are They Out There?

Let’s Get Started

Now we only spoke a little about how a bra should look and feel. In this post, let’s dive into the actual fit and the concept of how to measure to really know your size.

Every Lady should know their measurements. This is very important as International sizing varies. Once you know your measurements the hard part is over.

So let’s get started on how to measure ourselves.


Some persons will say to measure without a bra, but let us admit it, trying to get a tape measure under our “girls” without stress may happen when ‘pigs fly’. 🙁 So I advise to start with a soft bra on, to save us the headache.

Band size is the easiest part. Get a tape measure and wrap it around your chest, just under your breasts. Make sure it is tight without suffocating, as in you should be able to comfortably take a deep breath. That measurement is your Band size.

My measurement comes to 33 inches, and I round it down to 32 inches. I use 32 inch band size for a snug fit. In my quest for finding the right bra size, I did try out the 34-inch band size and sometimes, depending on the brand, it can work. As I fall in between band sizes, I get the option of rounding up or down. However, if you are a ‘tweenie’ like me, then understand that it’s going to be a trial and error process to figuring out which brand has the best band size for you.

It’s all about your comfort.

Is it Too Complicated?!

Cup Size…..oooohh lala (LOL). I will try to make this section as easy as possible with two (2) steps.

  • Step 1— Get that tape measure and put it around your back and wrap it around to the fullest part of your bust. Make sure it’s not too tight or loose. This is your Bust Size.
  • Step 2— After turning on your Maths brain, Subtract your Band size from your Bust size.

Let’s use my example: My Bust Size (42 1/2 inches) – My Band Size (33 inches) = 9 1/2 inches

As you can see, I’m a full in between girl (a ‘tweenie’ I like to call myself 🙂 ). What I usually do is round down to 9 inches for a snug fit. You may ask, if I do that won’t I have muffin top? I am like most women where one breast is slightly larger than the other, and with this is in mind I cater for the smaller one because the difference is not too significant. You may be opposite to me and that’s fine, as it’s all about your comfort. We all have to figure out which works best for us.

What Else?

What do we do after we find our measurements? From here, we need to find a Bra chart that tells us what the difference of Bust and Band size equates to. Once that is done, you have found your Cup Size!!!

Great Job girls! We did It!

Now depending on which charts you use and where in the world you shop for bras, you will then have to convert. I like to use this International Bra Chart from Herroom.com. To take a look, click here!

I usually make a note of my measurements and cup size for all markets, as this makes my shopping worldwide way easier. I use the English bra size when I patronize my bra store. Just be mindful ladies, that depending on where the bras were imported from or the brand, you may have to make slight adjustments to your Cup size. The same goes with online shopping.

All Caught Up

Now I don’t want you to get too caught up on the actual cup size though, because conversions can sometimes make your belly flop. OMG! Yep, that’s the face.

As I’m accustomed to using English (UK) sizing, doing the conversion can still shock me (whoa). I remember going to a Mall in Florida USA, looking around for a couple of bras. At the time I was wearing an English 32G but when the lovely Sales assistant brought that size, I looked at it and automatically knew it wouldn’t fit. We struggled through the frustrated battle of going up size after size. (Can you hear the exasperation in my voice?!). What seemed like a lot of bras later, we hit a US 32J and it was the size that my large bust tolerated. I didn’t buy it though, as my ‘girls’ weren’t the most comfortable with it and trust me they always have the final say.

Ladies. I said all of that to say, if I knew my US size, I would’ve saved myself and the Sales assistant a lot of stress. We need to start saving ourselves from the usual frustrations, and knowing how to measure correctly and convert, will make life easier and our girls happy.

Let’s stand confident and glow in our radiance!



  1. Thank you for sharing. What a great site. Getting the right bra size is so so so important. I was wearing the wrong bra size for so many years and had absolutely no idea. The first time I actually got measured for a bra was just before I got married and it was to wear with my wedding dress. I had completely the wrong back and cup size. It was life changing when I started wearing the correct bra size. I wonder how many people actually wear the right size. Maybe I’m just odd.

    1. Ohhh am I glad you found the correct bra size!!! It can be very uncomfortable but we get so accustomed to it, it stops bothering us. It is life changing finding the right size. Unfortunately, we can see that a lot of women wear the wrong bra size, but this site is here to help, not just with bras but acceptance of ourselves.

      I appreciate you. Thanks


  2. Lovely blog! I haven’t seen it previously but I’m sure I will stay here for a while. It may sounds obvious, but in reality its not so easy to find proper bra size. With so many numeration and differences between producers it may take a while to find perfect one. Thank you for this clear and transparent post, Im sure it will help lot of us to feel comfortable.

    1. Hi Cogito,

      I’m so glad I can help. Trust me it can be very daunting in the bra world, so my aim is to help ladies navigate the treacherous waters. Different parts of the world do things differently, so arming yourself with knowledge gives you an advantage. Now we are free to participate all over the world!

      Anything I can help you with, just let me know!



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