Heyyyyy, it’s Jasmay!

So gals I really want to talk about this beach/ pool thing. I can tell you I was so scared to go to a pool party because I could not find any swimsuits for my large breasts, especially a two piece. I always felt like I dressed older than my friends ’cause I wore mostly tankinis or whole piece, which older ladies tend to wear. I was even younger then and still never in fashion or very trendy.

Oh The Nightmare

So can you imagine my horror when my workplace, at the time, held a staff function on a Catamaran????!!!!!!!

A Catamaran is a gorgeous sail boat used for socials such as birthday parties and staff functions. A really good party on the water. Now I was given a couple months notice to get sorted and still I found nothing. I wasn’t au fait with Online shopping at the time as I am now, therefore that option was out for me. As I’m panicking because there was only one week left before the event, a friend said to me “why don’t you get a swimsuit custom-made?”

OK, so at first I could not believe that I would have to get something custom-made cause my breasts are so large?! Like sigh, it depressed me for a little bit but I’m desperate therefore I trudge through. After speaking to the lady I decided upon, she asked me how I wanted it made. Now Ladies I did not know how to answer that question and that’s what I want this post to be about. How best can we answer that question. The story gets better.

Comfort is My Middle Name

All I told my seamstress is I have big breasts and I need to be comfortable. She said “I got this!” So I’m excited on the day of collection. By the way, why did your girl Jasmay wait until the day of the Catamaran cruise to pick up her swimsuit???!!! The panic gets worse, as the seamstress forgot all about me and didn’t make it. The anxiety omg, it was overwhelming.

Does this story have any highlights, is that what you are asking? Yes, yes it does. I left the seamstress’ house an hour and a half later a swimsuit unlike any other. It was the bomb!!!! And the best parts are 1. The ‘girls’ were on display in the most comfort ever and 2. It was totally unique, in the best possible way! This happened about 8 years ago and I still have that suit.

I said all of that to speak about the best material and best style for Ladies like us.


Material Is Very Important

The lady made my custom piece with Mesh and Lycra. Here, I’ll show you.

I was blown away to say the least, as it held me up even when I had a ton of fun swimming in the water. Where I put ‘the girls’, they stayed until I took off the swimsuit when I got home. To have the back completely out of mesh, made me feel totally bra less and free. I didn’t even know that was possible for me.

What I advise is to find a heavier spandex material for your swimsuit. We don’t need ‘the girls’ slipping and sliding when the water hits the material or even when you’re dancing *wink wink*. A heavier, sturdier spandex is best, however if you can’t get that, then make sure you get swimsuit lining, which helps make the material heavy and “wet ready” for the water.

When I do my shopping online now for swimwear, the type of material is something I look for and is very important for my comfort and security.

All about Style?!

Yes ladies, this is the second most or most important thing to enjoying a day in a gorgeous swimsuit.

Halter or Alter

I like the look that the halter style gives you. ‘The Girls’ are up, together and very secure. Very perky our breasts look, which is great, but I only wear the halter style if I’m going to spend an hour or so at the pool or beach. Women don’t talk about the immense pressure that is placed on the back of the neck while wearing them. I have heavy breasts, and I know I’m not alone there, but to add water to the weight that is already there, does not help. After a time, I get so uncomfortable wearing that type of style, I actually want to change or just leave the event, just to take it off. That’s my personal peeve with the halter style.


I tend to stay away from swimsuit tops that look like bras, as they don’t make me feel very sexy for outdoors. I just feel like I took off my shirt or dress and shown you my bra! Doesn’t do anything for my self-esteem at all. They are just ok for me.

One Piece

I will admit I do wear a one piece suit with regular straps quite often. It’s my go-to swimsuit for the beach. To me its just a swimsuit I wear to my regular beach jaunts. Doesn’t quite “cut any show” as my mum would say, but I know I still look good. LOL.

Now I am going to tell you that I found the best style in my opinion for a swimsuit for large, heavy breasts. For me it’s the daughter of the Halter and the Regular Strap suit.

Crossed Back

Have you Gals ever had the joy of wearing a Crossed Back Swimsuit?! You will love it! It’s the best of both worlds. The straps go up to your shoulders like a halter but instead of tying around your neck, they continue on down and makes an X in the middle of your back. Some of them have this pattern all the way down to the top of the panty or some of them come back around to tie at the front.

The lift, the security and the comfort is so great you won’t believe it. Other than having no straps at all, that’s the best style to wear for us.

Together We Rise.

I hope this article helps you make the best informed choice when purchasing your next swimsuit. Sometimes it is difficult, as many places do not cater for us with bigger bust, but now I know that I don’t have to feel awkward getting a swimsuit custom-made. There is no shame in being unique and we should embrace that. Even if you had to purchase your suit, now you know what are the most important things to look for to ensure the best styles, fit and comfort level for you.

Do you gravitate towards a halter suit? One that looks like a bra for a two piece? Or do you do a typical one piece swimsuit with regular straps? Make sure to tell us your preference in the comments below.

Let’s elevate, stand proud and glow in our radiance.


  1. Absolutely love this site. Super informative and I love the writing style. As someone with a larger cup size, I totally ‘get’ everything about this particular article. It really resonates with me. It’s so nice to see such an honest website talking about real life things and offering solutions for real people.

    1. Hey Sofia,

      Thanks for the really inspiring comments. I will tell you, I used to feel alone on this journey, but I think that’s every woman who has ‘girls’ feeling. I am glad I can help and that is the sole purpose of my site. We can journey together and form a united community, as I promise to continue being honest with you. 

      Much appreciated. Cheers!!!



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