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This post is going to be about Bra Cups, with special attention to Seam Lines. I will also touch on the importance of Bra straps for large busts.

Stepping Out

Ladies with large ‘girls’ have to worry about so much more than women with a small bust line. I know that I look at the seam lines in a bra because it creates a particular shape for our boobs.

Here’s an example for ya. The bras from the 1950s had a particular cut that made the ‘girls’ look like the “Pointed Sisters”. Now I’m not against that look, because women with small breasts can pull it off fashionably.

When you have ‘girls’ my size, I don’t want anyone to think my way of greeting is by ‘poking them with the girls’. If I don’t know you, we should not be getting physical the first time.

As it Seams

The “Pointed Sisters” bras tend to carry a seam horizontally across the cup of the bra. This gives us a wider look. It doesn’t have the ‘girls’ pushed up or out there, it has more of a subdued look, almost minimizing. A lot of ladies wear these types of bras to reduce the look of big breasts. Click here to see the new age logistics of Minimizing.

A bra with its seam going vertically up the cup of the bra, gives us that pushed up look, and has the ‘girls’ out there and in your face. They give you a fuller look under your clothing. This type of bra does not minimize or subdue anything at all, they are up front and center.

The Modified bra is a combination of the two (2) seams. It has a one continuous seam line, starting from the middle of the inside of the cup and curves vertically into the strap of the bra. Some modified ones actually have a vertical seam on the underside of the bra cup as well.

I did not touch on the padded bra, and there is a reason for that. I mean when something is already sweet, do you add more sugar?! No padding for us gals.

Molded bras on the other hand, I can definitely do. There is a need for at least one molded plunge bra in our lingerie drawer. This bra has to make you question if you’re going to damage your thermometer from being so hot! When you put on this bra, you should just say “DAMN!” This bra always goes under that very sexy outfit you have, just to up the ante. Sing with me now, ‘I’m too sexy for myself’ LOL.


Now it’s all about comfort and therefore our preferences will vary.

I don’t ever wear ‘Pointed Sisters’ bras, as my hips and bust line measure the same. So if I wear a bra that will give me a ‘wider’ look, I will come across ‘top-heavy’, which I don’t want. Mostly I purchase the ‘modified’ bra or the vertical seam bra, because I like my ‘girls’ up and out there. 😉 I also have a couple of molded bras that make me feel like I’m the bomb. YUP.

Strapped In

Bra straps are important, especially for us ladies. What I will say about them is, the wider the strap, the better for us.

Now I don’t know if you can imagine my face when I said that, only because my experience with wider straps means having a ‘safe’ bra. Not very sexy at all. Don’t get me wrong, I have a couple of them but I use them as my every day ‘home’ bras. We tend to see a smaller or should I say thinner strap on the sexier bras.

Just be careful and make sure that all of your bra straps are comfortable enough for long wearing and not digging into your shoulders. Boy don’t I have the indentations to show for my years of compromising comfort for style.


I hope you learned a lot from this post and it helps with your decision-making for bras. I believe that as designers and manufacturers pay more and more attention to us and our large busts needs, I think that bras will continue to transform the way we look and feel about ourselves and our ‘girls’. 🙂

Leave me a comment or hit me up with an email jasmaygrace@brasandthegirls.com on your views and your preferences.

Have a good one Ladies!!!


  1. Great site. I have browsed a few pages now. Very informative and as someone with a large cup size I can appreciate everything that you are saying here. They are many challenges with having a large cup size. It’s definitely not all fun and games. I will definitely be visiting this site regularly for tips and advice.

    1. Hi Sofia,

      It can be a daunting journey if you don’t know what to look for. We need a platform where this is possible. I want to continue to cater for ladies like us.

      Thanks a lot!!!

  2. Thank you for this post about bra cup sizes. The bra is extremely important to the way a lady’s posture looks. And when we need a large cup size, it becomes a challenge to get the right bra. The large straps are very uncomfortable and they limit the type of clothing you can put on. Where can I buy the right bras for large cup sizes?


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