The Sports Bra Hunt? A Few Tips for Larger Bust!

The Sports Bra Hunt? A Few Tips for Larger Bust!

Hey Ladies!

Can you relate to me when I say it’s difficult finding a good Sports Bra and because of that, I use a regular bra for my workout? Am I doing myself an injustice? Thing is, I know there is a difference between both bras, as there have different jobs.

Now I realize you may have a couple questions about Sports Bras, like why is it important to have one? I will try to answer those questions as best as I can, while reading your minds. LOL

I remember in my younger days (yes I said younger cause your girl is still a young thang), when I played sports, mostly Basketball, Netball and a bit of Athletics. I’ve always had a big bust and I stood out because of them. I was so self conscious of my breasts, as I got a lot of bounce even though I was wearing a Sports Bra. I think that’s where my (dare I say it) “disappointment” came from regarding Sports Bras.

I did some research ladies and I’ve found some interesting results. Definitely have a look to see what my research found. Let’s get started.

First Things Fit

Can I use my regular bra size as my Sports Bra size?

After I did some checking around, I realized that you can get a Sports Bra in your regular bra size. However, you have to be mindful that a Sports Bra is supposed to be tighter than your regular bra.

It has to be snug but not constricting, as we still have to breathe after those damn jumping jacks. Our ‘girls’ should not overflow from the cups of the bra at all. If they are trying to escape, then the cup is too small. If you get wrinkles in the cup or any gaping, then the cup is too big. Pay attention ladies. The correct cup size should fit snugly and comfortably around your breasts without overflow or gaps.

As I just mentioned, a Sports Bra needs to be snug and that means the band of the bra should never be loose. If you find that the Sports Bra rides up on your back, then it’s too big and you should decrease the band size. You can go down a band size and go up one or two cup sizes to make sure you get the right fit. Check out one of my previous post on Measurements for that good fit.

Strap Me In

The straps of a Sports Bra are designed to stay put on our shoulders. When we run or jump, there is a lot of bounce. However, when we add the weight of our breasts to that equation, we get distressed and sometimes pain. For me, that throws me off my game and actually stops me from working out. Having to skip or do jumping jacks or burpees or something as simple as running on the treadmill, make me cringe.

Mentally I take myself out of the exercise because of the amount bounce I will get. But I found that with a wider strap, the impact is reduced. Sports Bra straps are now designed to not only stay on our shoulders, but to reduce the bounce and impact that may have on our neck, shoulders and back. They are now wider and very well padded for comfort.

Thank goodness for this, as it will make exercise easier because we won’t have any straps digging into our shoulders.

Seams To Me

Back in the day, Sports Bras looked like a piece of cloth around your chest with straps attached. Nowadays, we can see a big difference between them.

Before all of this seam work, Sports Bras were high necked, very wide jock strap lookalikes on our shoulders and a very wide bottom band. These were believed to press the breasts close to the chest to reduce the movement as much as possible. However, looking around at some Sports Bras, I’m noticing that they have a lot of seam work.

And what do they mean? Is adding seaming making the bra better? What do you think? Some Sports Bra have breasts in their own cup and the seams on the cups of those bras help with compression. This means that when you start to do those awful burpees, you won’t have to be conscious of the bounce you usually get. I absolutely hate to skip. That’s because my ‘girls’ are very heavy and when I jump up and down, I get winded very quickly and sometimes it does hurt.

I also believe that the seams help keep the shape of the bra, which in turn keeps the ‘girls’ compressed. That means little to no bounce. No bouncing boobs while exercising?! Oh man won’t the guys be disappointed?! But not I!!!! 😉

Pricey Eh?!

What do you think about the prices of Sports Bras?! Are they too high? Now we know that our bras tend to be on the higher end for our size, but are they pushing it with the price of Sports Bras? Given all the things I have listed, like the seams, the straps, fit and compression, do you gals still think that paying US$50+ is too pricey? Add brand to that and it may be a little more.

I know some may think so, however I want you to think of it as an investment into yourself. Investing in yourself is a good thing. After all the good things I have listed and their jobs to help make a good Sports Bra, can you go back to using a regular bra for your workouts? You shouldn’t, take my word for it.

Let’s Sum It Up

So Ladies, I hope I was able to be a great telepath and answer the questions you had in your head. Listen gals, even on doing this research I learnt a lot. I really believe that Sports Bras are an essential part of our bra drawer now, just like that sexy black dress. It shows its importance in exercise as it compresses our breasts to reduce bounce and to lower the impact that has on us. Don’t forget that our breast tissue can stretch and loosen up; and if we can keep them up and close to our chest in every activity we do, then that is a real benefit for us.

Honestly, I trust I was helpful and provided a great solution for you.

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  1. That’s right. Ladies that practice any sport, should wear a sport’s bra. This bra is manufatured to bring enough support while practicing any sport, either rookie or professional league. The main objective of this is to avoid breast deformation. And depending the breast’s size, a larger and tighten bra will be necessary.

  2. This is a fantastic article and you explained the necessity of a sports bra perfectly.

    When I was younger I didn’t bother with a sports bra and found working out to be torture and I do not consider myself large busted (C cup).

    A few years ago my husband gifted me a sports bra and what a treat that was. I am still amazed he got my size correct.

    Anyways the difference was felt in the very first treadmill run. I could kick myself in the butt for not investing in one years ago.

    Ladies follow this advice and invest in a good sports bra if you are active at all, it really makes a huge difference in your comfort level.

    1. Hey Deborah,

      Listen, what a struggle I had with the gym or working out in general, it actually wasn’t funny. I even started to let myself go because of being so uncomfortable working out. The thought of a treadmill just depressed me; all of that running, which means the girls will be bouncing up and down in a painful way. Having that Sports Bra is so important.

      Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate them.

      P.s I found a great Sports Bra, so I’m back in the gym.

      Jasmay 🙂 


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