Getting to Know Your Girl Jasmay

Getting to Know Your Girl Jasmay

I’m Jasmay and thanks for visiting Bras and The Girls! I’m very excited to have you here! It has definitely been a journey trying to figure out if this is the right way to go. So far I think so, even though I can imagine the challenges, I also know there will be great rewards for everyone!

Did You Know?

From a very young age I’ve always had my two most trusted companions, “the girls”. Now that’s a term I got used to, as it makes my boobs seem human. LOL. It was a long journey learning to love my breasts, and I am glad to say that I have now. Over the years I’ve been through the discomfort of wearing the incorrect bra size, due to denial of my breast size; the difficulty of finding said sizes and accepting that I won’t always be able to wear every fashionable outfit.

So Why Do This?

I want to help ladies find the best bras for them and their girls, and to also boost self-confidence. It’s all about walking with our heads held high knowing that we are secured, comfortable and confident in any situation we find ourselves. And having on the correct bra can make you feel all of that.

The Journey

I want to be able to help guide ladies through the process and make lives easier by pointing them in the right direction. Sometimes going to every store or website to order bras hurts us, as there are already a limited supply or lack of design of them for “blessed” ladies like us. Finding the correct bra can be a tedious and frustrating process, which in turn hits our self-esteem, but Bras and The Girls is here to reveal the places who cater for our gorgeousness.

So have a good look around and stay tuned. Or email us at

Let us elevate, stand proud and glow in our radiance!

Jasmay Grace
Founder of Bras and The Girls

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